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24th January 2015

I wanted to summarize this week with some photos, thoughts, and happy things – but I can’t skim over the fact that this blog has reached over 800 followers! I just want to say a HUGE thank you to anyone who follows me, visits, reads my ramblings; because it makes me feel awesome, and encourages me in so many ways! It’s made this past year the best one in forever and given me hope, confidence, challenges and new friends. I hope I can continue to make this blog a place you want to visit :]


Other Happy Things This Week:


.Topping up the green in my hair. Much vibrance oh wow.


.Doing my nails, because it’s rare I get the chance these days.


.Planning the Liverpool Bloggers Event! We’re all getting involved and it’s so awesome! Amazing brands, a fantastic venue, lovely people! I’m busy planning a logo and name badges.. #Bloggersareboss


.Painting – Well, my ‘mixed media piece’ is more accurate. I’m so happy I changed my 12 Projects idea for this month. Check back next week for the result!


.Receiving compliments on my new blog design has been awesome this week – thank you all! I was so unsure if it would turn out okay, but I knew it was more ‘me’.


.Gary has made me smile everyday as usual, but perhaps even more this week. While I was in work Thursday he spent his day tidying the whole flat, cleaning, organising all my makeup products all over the dressing table (huge job!), picking me up everyday from work, and cooking me wonderful meals. Highlights included candles. Super grateful for the man I share my life with.


.We’ve been watching The Office (US) all over again, and it’s just pure heaven. We forgot how torturous Jim and Pam are though, haha. Our hearts break every episode, but we know the good stuff is coming.


.Making popcorn! Seems silly but I’ve only ever bought the pre-made stuff, never actually got to ‘make’ some in a microwave, until now. Fun 🙂


.Watching/listening to Ted Talks. Oh the inspiration/the joy/the courage! At least 5 posts have been drafted from Ted Talk motivation. I thoroughly recommend you go browse some of the most popular.


.People agreeing to let me interview them for my monthly interview series! So awesome, because these are all people I genuinely admire, respect and love. Funny thing though.. I got so worried these inspiring/busy/popular people would say no that I accidently double booked for February! Haha. So yeah you’ll have a special extra interview for Feb to look forward to :] I’m also sorted for March too, which makes me feel super organised.


.Swapping lovely emails with Emma – cheering up my workdays!


.Practising confidence – if you’ve read this post, you’ll know I’m taking steps to improve my confidence everyday. An update post on this soon..


.Getting lost in music – Sometimes the simple pleasures are the best. I’m loving being able to listen to my music at work. This weeks highlights have been MSI, Bon Iver, The Cure and Taylor Swift. Yes, all verrryyy different.


.Having hilarious Facebook chat convos with Danielle, Amy and Dee. Sending voice clips and videos and just being silly!


Hope you all have an awesome weekend! :] xx




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