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March 2015

  • This Material Culture Jewellery

    I’m not often great at accessorising; never really knowing what suits me, or how to wear jewellery at work. So…

    / 31st March 2015
  • Meet Luna

    If you haven’t seen my Twitter or Instagram, you won’t know that on Friday we finally brought home this little…

    / 30th March 2015
  • Beating The Sunday Blues

      Let me talk you through a quick scenario; It’s about 8pm, you’ve had a nice day, you’ve got a…

    / 29th March 2015
  • One Year Blogging

    Exactly one year ago today, I published my first blog post here on Dorkface. I had dabbled in other blogs…

    / 20th March 2015
  • An Artist Is An Explorer

    Henri Matisse was the creative behind the quote; “An artist is an explorer“, and I think he had something quite…

    / 10th March 2015
  • Awkward Blogging Moments

    If I’ve not made it obvious before now, blogging is awesome. It’s creative, stimulating, inspiring, helpful, social and sometimes life…

    / 9th March 2015
  • My First Blog Event

    Yesterday was a day to be brave. If you’ve read my posts about confidence, you’ll know I’ve been determined to…

    / 1st March 2015

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