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Beating The Sunday Blues

29th March 2015


Let me talk you through a quick scenario; It’s about 8pm, you’ve had a nice day, you’ve got a few more hours to kill before bed, yet you’re wasting it feeling miserable and there’s a small feeling of dread in the pit of your stomach. It’s Sunday night. – Sound familiar?


This is me every single Sunday evening, until recently. I’ve always made the most of the weekend and seen Mondays as a hellish ordeal to try and get through as quickly as possible. Which means every Sunday night feels like the time for fun has come to an end, and I have to get back to all my responsibilities. I wanted to change this as much as possible, and I’ve managed to make things a lot easier for myself recently. I thought I’d share some of these tips with you guys, in case any of you suffer from the Sunday blues too!


1. Give yourself something to look forward to: Gary and I have started a new routine which has really helped me feel more positive about Mondays (and weekdays in general). We now have a plan which means every Monday after I get home from work, we have a movie night with snacks and pamper ourselves. Okay, I pamper. Gary just goes along to cheer me up (he’s a good’un I know) and it really works! I now get through Mondays knowing we’re gonna have an awesome night together doing something special. It’s a great start to the week.


2. Plan and organise: Okay, admittedly part of the feeling of dread is because all my responsibilities seem to come crashing down on me Sunday night/Monday morning, and I don’t have to let it happen. It sounds boring, and I guess it is a little; but getting everything prepared and not leaving anything until last minute really helps. Got a deadline to meet? Start planning it out into steps and feel accomplished when you start it early, even if it’s a very small step. Big day coming up? Plan your outfit, your bag with everything you’ll need, and even your lunch (if you take your own). Knowing you’ve prepared will make it a little less daunting.


3. Midweek treat: A little like number 1, but for the middle of the week. Don’t make weekends the only time for fun, spontaneity and freedom. Go out after work, even just for an hour! See a film, buy that dress you wanted, or even just catch up with a friend. Make sure fun is always sprinkled throughout your week and it won’t feel so monotonous.


4. Make a change: Is it possible for you to do something completely different sometime this week? Learn something new, find a new hobby, make an effort with a new friend, go somewhere you’ve not been before. When you look back on your week, you’ll feel really satisfied with using your time so well.


5. Make someone else feel good: It’s the easiest way to cheer yourself up, and you’re killing two birds with one stone – Oh god I hate that saying, it’s awful isn’t it?! Please don’t kill birds! – But doing something for someone else will instantly lift your own mood. Send someone you care about a handwritten letter; it’s one of the nicest things these days in a world of emails and texts. Check in with friends you haven’t seen in a while, arrange a date with them. Live with your other half? Make them their favourite meal and run them a bath. It can be so simple and easy to give you both a smile 🙂


6. Recognise it for what it is: Sometimes I can make myself feel awful and I won’t even know why. But if I remind myself this happens most Sundays and I’m probably overreacting, it really helps. Talking myself down makes me see how silly I was for feeling so bad. These feelings are valid and real, but recognising that they’re simply an effect of small troubles that I can conquer through these steps, makes all the difference.


I know not everyone works Monday to Friday or is in this sort of routine at all, but you can apply this to whatever day suits you best. I hope this helps someone else like it has helped me. Let me know what you think?




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