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The Life Of An Internet Addict

3rd April 2015

It’s 3:30pm and I’m buried under a cocoon of blankets on the sofa, laptop in prime position, my fingers tapping away as the afternoon light starts to dim a little. Another rainy, grey day in England, with the trees outside my window knocking and bustling into each other like early morning commuters. My hair a wild mess of green waves, quickly scooped up into a hair tie out of the way, a few rebellious strands escaping and framing my face. My eyes intent on the screen, lost in my own world for what only seems like a moment. I’ve been here since first thing in the morning. I’ve not eaten yet, unless you count the two or three crackers I’ve devoured almost unawares, before going back to typing again.


To any outsider, sure; I’m wasting my day.

But is living a huge part of my life online always a bad thing?


Obviously there’s no substitute for putting down our phones or laptops, and actually getting up and doing something with our day. Technology will never replace real human interaction, or the physical and emotional benefits of being productive away from a screen. But there is still a hell of a lot of good in using these screens to our advantage.


I’d like to simply remind some people that my heavy use of technology isn’t always wrong, and it doesn’t mean I’m living a life less fulfilling than yours. Yes today it seems like I’m doing ‘nothing’ just sitting here on a laptop. But I’ve used these past few hours to GET SHIT DONE. I’ve written a monthly plan for all college work I need to complete; what assignments need to be done and how I’ll do them. I’ve spent at least an hour replying to emails with various companies about business collaborations, for both personal and professional reasons. I’ve edited photographs and written pieces for three blog posts that are scheduled for this coming week. I’ve paid bills, I’ve ordered my weekly shopping and I’ve been designing something for a new project.


All in all, I’ve accomplished a lot today.

And yes, I even managed to fit in chatting on Twitter. This is just part one of my first day off for this bank holiday weekend. The rest of my afternoon/evening will now be spent doing chores, a quick workout, cooking and showering. Tomorrow I’m even venturing outside..


A little reminder not to feel too bad if you’re glued to a screen all day; it doesn’t mean you aren’t busy/productive/doing awesome things. Just remember to eat/drink/talk to people/get fresh air every now and again yeah?


How much time do you spend online?





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