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Blog Worries

19th July 2015
Let me begin by saying that this isn’t a post I planned on writing. It’s something I’m feeling right now, and something I often feel; which I don’t think I’ve ever wrote about on here before. But I often have a few worries which stem from this blog, and I’d like to talk about them.
Having this blog has changed my life completely, no exaggeration.
It’s changed my whole outlook, my mental health state, my creativity, my career, my friends and my overall happiness. It always, always brings me joy and I can’t tell you enough how much that hasn’t once changed, regardless of the things I’m about to mention. I just want you guys to know that.
I often worry about how I’m coming across on this blog; to you right there, behind that screen. I worry that I make spelling and grammar mistakes and look like an idiot. I worry that you think my content is boring. I worry if I do a sponsored post, that you won’t know of the effort and hours I put into it. I worry that I’m not expressing myself as I wish I could. I worry that my personality is not bursting out of this blog like I want it to. I worry that you’ll never know how much it means to me that someone bothers to read the words I put out there.
Even now, I can’t quite put into words the feelings I’m having at the moment which I want to express, and I feel like a failure as a writer. I’ve literally just finished reading Zoe’s post, and it left me kind of amazed that she could feel a bit down about her blog lately. Because every single post of hers inspires me, makes me laugh, makes me smile, fills me with wonder, gets me daydreaming or simply reminds me what I want my own blog to be like. I admire her writing more than anything, as her words are always so passionate and beautiful. I hope to god I can do that one day.
It got me thinking; if someone as awesome as Zoe can be feeling a little down about her blog and it leaves me quite shocked (because her posts are nothing less than perfect to me to be honest), what would people find surprising about the girl behind THIS blog? The answer is probably my worries. I always try to keep my blog (and social media for that matter) perky, full of joy and as positive as can be. So you guys probably don’t even realise the constant worrying or over thinking I do in regards to blog posts.
I care so much about truly expressing myself, and making every single post as good as I can. Yes, even the little Tsum Tsum posts! I just wanted you guys to realise though that people aren’t always as they might seem on their blog. As obvious as that lesson might be; I do think we all need reminding of it every now and again.
So yes, I’m a worrier. I’d just like you all to know that.
Now here’s to hitting publish even though I’m worried this post is awful and makes no sense.






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