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Midweek Slump

16th September 2015

Hello lovelies :] Today I’m feeling a bit rubbish; not awful or anything. But just not great, y’know? I can’t even pinpoint what’s wrong specifically, just a few things here and there which aren’t making me smile. Like the fact that I need to do so much tidying around the flat today, urghh. Or that when I stopped for a break from designing people’s headers, I found myself comparing my work to other people who are a million times better and left myself feeling crappy.

If this were anyone else in this situation, I’d be giving them all the encouragement I could muster, and telling them to do a few things to bring a smile back. So I guess I need to take my own damn advice really. Which is why I’m writing this post. Writing blog posts of the chatty kind always clear my head and make me feel better; so here we are. 

There’s a few other things I’ve got planned to get me out of this slump too. Tonight, I’ve invited a few friends round for drinks and I haven’t seen them in absolutely ages, so I’m really happy about that. Tomorrow Gary and I have been invited along to a a new restaurant in Liverpool (with a few of my fave local bloggers!) to give them a try, so that’s cool. I’ve got some extra creative designs lined up; where people have asked me to do something a little different (which makes me so happy). I’m gonna have a pamper afternoon later, and indulge in some of my Lush stash and new makeup.

I’m also really trying to be a little kinder to myself. I’ve found that I tell myself the worst things when I look in the mirror on a daily basis, which really affects me. I don’t see this being easy to fix, but I’ll try. Although the upcoming blog awards have got me so terrified of looking like a mess in front of all these pretty lovelies. Hmm..

Anyway, that’s me this Wednesday.

How are you guys?

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