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Friday Five 17

15th January 2016

This week had some dodgy moments for me, but I’m still counting it as a winner! I finished a huge, exciting project that I can’t wait to share. But admittedly it drained me, and it was a huge relief to have it done and over with. I have kept up my appearances in the gym with Jiv, yay! I’m actually really enjoying it, it feels so good to hurt each day afterwards; knowing I’m getting stronger.

I also faced some negative things this week, some worries, some bitchiness. I found the best reaction, was no reaction at all! Brilliant. This weekend I’m planning a new little series of drawings which I’m excited about, and I might share those on here soon if they go well.

Anyway, I hope you guys have had a great week.

Here’s this week’s five!

Five animals I’d choose to be (if I had to be one!);

1. A Cat (easy life).

2. A Horse.

3. A Elephant.

4. A Lion.

5. A bird.

1-3 are my favourite animals by the way… enjoy that piece of trivia…

Five films I will never get tire of;

1. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

2. The Little Mermaid.

3. Twilight (I know, don’t judge me).

4. Now and Then.

5. Shutter Island

Five beauty products I always buy (even if I have PLENTY);

1. Highlighters

2. Lipsticks

3. Eyeshadow palettes

4. Nail polish

5. Foundation

Five times I was super embarrassed;

1. When I fell over in school in front of a boy I liked.

2. When I spilt a drink everywhere on a first date.

3. When a family member walked in on… something REALLY AWKWARD.

4. When my family told a boyfriend I wanted to be a boy when I was little.

5. When I called someone by the wrong name.

Five blogs you should visit today;






Have a great weekend!

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