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50 Thoughts I Had This Week

19th March 2016
50 Thoughts I Had This Week

A summary of my week, in 50 quick thoughts.

1. I really want colourful hair again.

2. I wish I had more time for reading.

3. I need to do a craft post soon.

4. The only colour I don’t like is brown.

5. My hair doesn’t grow as quick as I’d like it to.

6. Im so lucky.

7. I’ve made a mistake, and I feel fucking awful.

8. How am I going to convince this brand to help me for the event?

9. I never tire of Harry Potter.

10. I can’t wait until Sunday to see some cool people.

11. Does this person hate me? 

12. I wish my lips were bigger.

13. I wish my waist was smaller.

14. I hope I get to travel more in the next 5 years.

15. I want to do a good job.

16. I need to be friends with Chelsea Peretti.

17. Hmm.. I probably need to drink more water.

18. I want to completely change my routine.

19. I’m dreading Summer a little.

20. I need to organise mini girl gang meet ups.

21. I need more Tsum Tsums.. which one next?

22. I’m so happy to be making jewellery again.

23. I love my blog layout tbh.

24. I forever add things to online baskets and never buy them.

25. Why aren’t I rich?

26. If I could have magic powers, invisibility would be top of my list.

27. I’m so so so lucky to have Gary.

28. I need more stickers.

29. Ribena is life.

30. I think matte lipsticks look better on me.

31. I hate cheeky companies that ask for do-follow links, especially for £10.

32. I’ve never had my nails done in a salon. Is this weird/embarrassing?

33. I wouldn’t even know what to ask for in one. ‘Glittery nails please?’ would probably sound stupid.

34. I need to make time to sit down and play Zelda or The Sims, I really miss them.

35. I hope my giveaway items are nice enough.

36. Cats are just way better than dogs.

37. I think orange hair is needed. I haven’t been orange in years…

38. Still not drinking enough water, AND I got the app! Grr..

39. I wish we could get another kitty so Luna had a little friend.

40. No, wait…maybe peach hair.

41. There are definitely not enough hours in the flippin’ day.

42. Harry Potter makes me cry every single time.

43. I just realised how hot Wes Bentley is.

44. I really don’t like owls.

45. I’m always cold lately.

46. I’m really fucking tired of negative people.

47. I wish it was still the 90’s. I’m not even romanticising. 

48. I feel lonely right this moment.

49. Is it weird I have to sleep with a light on if Gary’s in work?

50. I’m a million different people from one day to the next.

More next week?

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