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50 Thoughts This Week

27th March 2016
50 thoughts I had this week

If you missed last week’s, I’ve started this new thing where I share 50 of my most random, intimate or boring thoughts with you guys. Enjoy.

1. I bloody love my blogging friends.

2. Hayley got me a ‘blog birthday’ card and omg she’s so cute.

3. I am exhausted all the time.

4. Double Wear is just the best effing foundation ever tbh.

5. I prefer A/W but I really am looking forward to Spring and sunshine.

6. People have no idea how much certain compliments mean to me, and stay with me.

7. I need a new tv show to watch.

8. I really like that I have friends of all ages, different walks of life and personalities.

9. I just want to say HI CHRIS (blondie) if you’re reading this, love you & I miss you. Come have a drink soon!

10. I’m really happy right now.

11. I wonder if Gary would paint my nails for me if I ask nicely? ….(yep.) <3

12. I really don’t want people to copy these posts tbh.

13. I’m definitely gonna start doing yoga to help my back and flexibility.

14. I love my family obviously, but visiting them is a chore, lol.

15. Am I a bad person for thinking that?

16. My nails always look like crap!

17. I feel like a failure.

18. I just realised I have no red nail polish.

19. Must change this.

20. I think I have a crush on Keanu Reeves.

21. Maybe Keanu 10 years ago though. Why have I only just realised this?

22. I’ve started doing Yogo (that I mentioned in 13) on Wii fit. Is this lame? It’s fun though.

23. I’m kinda glad Spring is here.

24. I miss doing DIY/creative posts as much as I used to.

25. I’m gonna plan some now for the next few weeks ๐Ÿ™‚

26. Definitely have a Keanu crush, mmm. Think I’ll change my desktop wallpaper.

27. Maybe my phone too.

28. I just ordered clothes and makeup to cheer myself up, and I can feel it working already.

29. Does number 28 make me a really shallow person? Or did I just desperately deserve a treat?

30. Whyyyyyyy does she hate me though?

31. Why do I care, more importantly.

32. I think Terry Crews would be cool to hang out with.

33. Yoga is effing hard.

34. Why does the skin on my chin feel like crap? I need a super exfoliator.

35. I just rebought my fave Soap & Glory exfoliator so this should do the trick.

36. I really like the look of the new Bridget Jones movie.

37. I want to change my hair already. But I don’t know what to.

38. I’ve got some really fab blog events/meet ups/gigs/fun things to look forward to in the next few months.

39. Pinterest is just SO good for inspiration (for anything!). Baking, art, DIY, beauty… so good.

40. I hate when people have generic names on Snapchat; ‘Sarah/Jenny/’ – who the fuck are you?!

41. I wish seasons lasted just a week, and then a new one started.

42. Luna always wants to cuddle when I’m busy, but never when I try to cuddle her, LOL.

43. If Luna had been a boy she was going to be called Sebastian.

44. Why do I always need to pee when I’m taking blog photos?!

45. I hate cooking.

46. It’s exactly three weeks until my birthday (as I write this).

47. I might genuinely start lying about my age now. Let me know how young I can pass for. I’m hoping 21.

48. I wish I were magic.

49. Lists are my life tbh.

50. Everything will turn out okay.

Have a great week guys!

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