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50 Thoughts This Week

3rd April 2016

1. That photo really makes me want a damn Starbucks.

2. I really want to go as Lumpy Space Princess for Halloween this year.

3. It’s my birthday in 13 days and I don’t honestly think anyone will remember apart from Gary.

4. We have a keyboard now and I’d really like to learn how to play.

5. It was lovely and sunny today and I wore shorts and WOO.

6. Someone just said they fangirl’d when I followed them and I honestly feel so awks when people say this because I genuinely dont understand. Like WHHYYY. Im nobody, and I duno. And how do you answer that?? Because if you just try be polite and say thank you, because its SO nice, do you just end up looking up your own arse? And if I express my surprise, does it look false?? And If I just go ‘aww thanks! πŸ™‚ ‘ – that just seems like I EXPECT it, or something? Ughh.

7. Sorry that last one was long.

8. Sometimes my thoughts are longer than one quick sentence, surprisingly. Haha.

9. I keep a little book with me throughout the week now, to write down these thoughts.

10. I’m going to start a bullet journal, and I’m so excited #nerd.

11. I need like a whole day free though to simply get started and organise it, etc.

12. Oh my god, I’m getting on top of work, yay!

13. I might actually have a day off next week, eep.

14. I’ve ordered what I’m gonna use for my bullet journal, and it’s YELLOW. Yay!

15. I also ordered a load of stickers and sharpies hehe.

16. I love Louis CK.

17. I wonder if I’ll ever feel ready to have kids? Hmm.

18. I don’t know how to tell people to back off πŸ™

19. I’ve been sticking to my kindness challenge and I’m so happy!

20. I need more Tsum tsums.

21. I wish I could stop time.

22. I’m so excited to see FFAF next week!

23. I have SO many notebooks I could open a store, I swear to god.

24. When did I get to my late 20’s? I don’t understand!! I swear I’m still 18.

25. People who self describe themselves as ‘edgy’ – fuck off.

26. I can never take the Welsh accent seriously.

27. Please don’t be offended, I feel the same (no, actually worse) about my Scouse accent.

28. Why do I only get super productive and motivated at 3am?

29. Will the neighbours hate me if I hoover at 7am? 

30. I am insane.

31. I always want what I can’t have, then I’m not arsed once I’ve got it.

32. I wish I didn’t have to sleep, think how much I’d get done!

33. Suppose you’d get sick of it though.. hmm.

34. I swear you have to drag me to bed, and I only go when I’m thoroughly EXHAUSTED. But once I’m there, Im there.

35. I have an addiction to notebooks, definitely.

36. I am actually a bit scared that I’m 28 this month, like that’s proper grown up, isn’t it?

37. I love when your legs are so soft you can’t stop touching them.

38. That sounds weird but I’m hoping everyone knows what I mean.

39. YAY!

40. Gary gave me my birthday present early and it’s PERFECT.

41. We can never do surprises, we’re crap. I can’t wait to get them and he can’t wait to give them.

42. OR I’m just spoiled.

43. Probably a mix of both tbh.

44. I need to buy more nail polishes.

45. It’s actually ridiculous the price of some nail polish. Like really though.

46. I’ve been a bit more successful this week drinking more water, woo!

47. I wish I had loads and loads of money. (Shall we just give this is a permanent space on this list?)

48. I tried to be really brave this week, and it only went half well. But I’m still really glad.

49. I’ve been asked to speak at a blog event and I’m terrified & don’t know whether to say yes.

50. I hope this week is the start of a new, less stressed Jemma πŸ™‚

How have you guys been this week?

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