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Help Me, I Need To See The World

8th April 2016
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As I write this, I’m only eight days away from turning 28. Maybe that doesn’t sound old to you (if it does, please lie to me) but to me, it’s terrifying. I’m officially nearly thirty then, no more denying it. I’ve gotten by until now by saying I’m ‘in my twenties’ or ‘mid twenties’ at a push. But nearing thirty years old means I’m really a grown up now, and I don’t like that one bit.

Today, I had a moment where my heart almost stopped in my chest as I realised I haven’t really travelled much, and how much this saddens me. In my thirties I’ll probably be all about having a kid or two (maybe..) and when will I get a chance to travel? I know, I know, I can do anything I want. But still… scary thoughts.

So I got thinking about the variety of places I might like to travel to. The unique landmarks and wonders of the world I need to see. Hopefully I’ll get to go to one of these places before I’m 30 and officially OLD (I’m kidding, don’t hate me 30+ people!).


Yep, it had to be on this list. I’ve never been to Disneyworld OR Disneyland, and this breaks my heart a little. I’d love to feel like a kid again, explore the parks and go hyper as I can on candy floss and other crappy treats I’ll overpay for. Plus who doesn’t want to meet Ariel?!


No not the crappy frozen food store. I’m talking whale watching, lagoons, waterfalls, geysers and the Northern Lights baby. PERFECT. Iceland is one of my ultimate dream places to travel to, and Gary and I have already spoken about making this top of our list for 2017.


I wanted to name all the states specifically, but I’d be here all day to be honest; so we’ll just say America is a huge must for me. Places that regularly make it onto my travel bucket list are Seattle, San Francisco, New York, The Grand Canyon, Alaska, Chicago. I want to soak them all up.


Again, ALL OVER. 


Ughh, so much. I feel like this would be like me returning to my mother ship. I think Japan would be absolutely fascinating, and soaking up such a different culture would be a once in a lifetime chance. Fingers crossed I get to go one day…

Is travelling important to you? Where would you most like to visit? Let me know what sorts of things are on your travel bucket list!

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