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May 2016

  • May Summary and Mini Giveaway

    Happy Tuesday and happy end of May! We’re about to officially enter one of those Summer months, woo! Well, okay…

    / 31st May 2016
  • Blogs To Visit This Weekend

    Bank holiday weekend – we all love it don’t we? Even me, working from home. I know you’d think it…

    / 29th May 2016
  • Parallel Magazine

    Hi guys 🙂 I hope you’re having a great week! I wanted to get into the habit of posting more…

    / 26th May 2016
  • Making Memories With Cheerz

    If you follow me on Snapchat (Jemmamorgan) you may have seen me recently gushing over my latest pressie in the…

    / 25th May 2016
  • I’m Obsessed With My Pores

    It’s no joke guys, I’m totally obsessed with my pores. I agonise over them daily, and no matter how much…

    / 24th May 2016
  • My Tsum Tsum Collection

    Hi guys, happy Monday! Today I thought I’d do a little Tsum tsum update post, since I have a few…

    / 23rd May 2016
  • Friday Feelings

    Happy happy joy joy. That’s me today guys, HAPPY. More than simple happiness actually, I feel motivated, I feel strong,…

    / 20th May 2016

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