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9 Easy Ways To Support Your Favourite Bloggers

19th May 2016
9 ways to support bloggers

*Throws good cheer all around*

Okay, we all know that it’s nice to be nice and supporting others really does make a difference. So I’ll save you the whole preach.

You really can make a huge difference to a friend with a blog though, or someone you admire; through some really simple acts of kindness. I thought I’d share some ideas of the ways in which you can do this today, and I hope you guys enjoy!

You could also call this a list of ‘9 quick ways to be BFF’s with your fave blogger’ – because I’m sure they’ll love you after this, haha.


1. Comment/interact.
Interaction is key to us as bloggers, we need to see that there’s a point to us spending hours thinking up ideas, writing, planning and editing. So leave a comment, send them an email, tweet about how much you loved a recent post – whatever you’d prefer. But letting them know you’re there, reading their words, can really make someone smile and feel valued.

2. Sharing is caring.
Okay, got a post you especially thought was awesome? How about sharing it somewhere then? Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest are all great options for getting a post more recognition. This is incredibly important to bloggers and makes a huge difference!

3. Follow.
The first thing I do when I find a new blog I love is follow them on absolutely every platform available. Now I’m not saying you have to do this, but I love it personally. When I find a kindred spirit it makes me want to get them on Bloglovin, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, …everything! Plus it means you’ll never miss a post 🙂

4. Get clicking.
Sometimes bloggers have advertisements in their sidebar, or other bloggers who are sponsoring/advertising with them – CLICK THESE! It is so, so helpful to the blogger and just a few seconds of your time can actually help them financially if this helps them earn a few pennies. Same goes if you see they have a sponsored post – supporting this paid for work is crucial to blogging being taken seriously in my opinion. So if you see a blog you love with one, click on it, maybe check out the links provided, and leave a comment? I guarantee they will love you for it!

5. Recommend them.
Know any bloggers who offer particular services? Advertising, design work, reviews for local businesses, beauty expertise? Tell people who need these services all about them! I know personally how much of a huge difference word of mouth recommendations can make, and it’s always so appreciated!

6. Get linking.
Try to link to your favourite blogs whenever you get a chance. Maybe it’s just popping the link on your Facebook for others to read, or maybe you could include it in your own blog posts? A lot of people do weekly/monthly round ups of their favourite reads from blogs they follow, and it’s a fantastic way to share some links.

7. Buy from them.
If you fancy getting your own blog seen a little more, and promoted a little more; advertising with your favourite blog is a win win situation! You are directly supporting their work, and you get something awesome in return. Same goes if they have an online store, or a donations scheme of some sort – you could be massively helping to pay their bills.

8. Check in with them before you shop.
The amount of times I buy things online before checking around to see who uses affiliate codes is unbelievable! I am trying to get out of this habit so badly, because like a lot of other bloggers, I myself am someone who has affiliate links ready to provide people. This means if you want to buy something from Amazon for example, I can give you a link to do so, and I also earn a small ‘commission’ from this when you shop. So it makes no difference to you, but could be helping someone out a lot. So check in with people before you buy!

9. Be a cheerleader for them.
This one is easy to pass by, but try to remember to recommend your
favourite bloggers to non bloggers who won’t even know they exist!
Perhaps someone who would love some style advice could use a great
fashion blog recommendation? Or a foodie blog could be perfect for your
mum if she’s into finding new recipes. Obviously the list is endless,
but get your thinking cap on and remember to chat about your online
friends ‘in real life‘ haha. Be a cheerleader for your favourite bloggers in any way possible – even if it’s just checking in with them and asking how they are.


Now go forth lovelies, and spread some kindness and joy in the bloggosphere! 🙂 I know I will be.




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