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Weight Loss; My First Month

28th June 2016

Let’s face it; being healthy is boring. It just IS. I can’t relate to anyone who disagrees, but good for you if you do! Anyway, as a lot of you know I’ve spent the last few weeks trying to be a healthier person inside and out. And because I find all this healthy malarky boring, it can be quite a struggle sometimes. However I’ve been trying out different things to really help me make positive changes. I’ve started giving myself a step goal each day, which I track them on my phone. I’d love a Fitbit, but jeez that price. I’ve also started Slimming World which has been a huge help.

In my first four weeks I lost a total of 16lbs, and I’m extremely happy with this. I still have a long way to go to get to my ideal weight, but progress is awesome. I thought today I’d share with you guys the little things that have helped me so far, and what has made the biggest difference.

1. Tracking water intake. I didn’t realise before how little water I drank, and now I make sure to drink eight glasses a day. I do need reminding, so I use the app ‘Plant Nanny’.

2. No oils. The first thing I did was stop using cooking oil/vegetable oil completely, and replaced it with Fry light spray for cooking.

3. Finding alternatives. I still enjoy chocolate or the odd treat if I want, I’ve just made sure to go for the lowest in fat or sugar and it;s made a huge difference. It means I can take control of cravings without ruining all my hard work.

4. Counting steps. As someone who works from home, it can mean I spend a lot of time sat at a desk. Not so good for getting physical activity in there. So for this, I downloaded an app on my phone to count my steps each day. I’ve made it my goal to get in at least 8000 a day, and I know that’d be low for a lot of people, but again… I’m gonna pull the old ‘work from home’ excuse. It does keep me on track though, and a lot of the time I get more than 10k in anyway.

5. Preparation. Each day, I plan what I’m going to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I even take note of what snacks I can have if I need any. If I have a plan in place, it means I don’t ‘dilly dally’ in front of the fridge and end up eating crap.

I hope this might help someone who is looking to make a few healthy changes or lose a little bit of weight if they like. However I’m not at all promoting losing a lot of weight quickly or anything like that. I’m simply sharing my experience over this first month 🙂 I’m hoping to keep you guys updated as the months go by!

Thanks guys!

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