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43 Glorious Things To Be Happy About

10th November 2016

When times are hard, it’s good to remember that there are wonderful things in the world that can make us happy. No matter how big or small, there’s a little bit of magic in the everyday just waiting for us. Here are 43 things that are just a little bit brilliant, and always make me happy – and will probably make you happy too!


  1. Rainy days
  2. Mint hot chocolate
  3. A good book (I’m currently reading The Girl With All The Gifts)
  4. Super soft blankets
  5. Red nail polish. (It’s my colour of choice lately and I love it)
  6. Painting (my latest series of paintings are bringing me great happiness)
  7. Handwritten letters
  8. Cute beanie hats
  9. Adventure Time pjs
  10. Binge watching Elementary
  11. Candles
  12. Collage art
  13. Fairy lights
  14. Fires
  15. Starry evenings
  16. Preparing for Christmas
  17. Hot showers
  18. Support from friends
  19. Inspiration hitting suddenly!
  20. Cute notebooks
  21. Finding chocolate you forgot about
  22. Discovering an easy hairstyle that looks oh-so-good on you
  23. Gingerbread everything
  24. Crunchy leaves
  25. Cute Autumn/Winter fashion
  26. Binge blog reading
  27. Those fluffy bootie slipper things that keep your feet extra toasty!
  28. Trying new makeup looks
  29. Having a good natter with an old friend
  30. Getting lost down a rabbit hole of Pinterest
  31. Hitting a new milestone
  32. Surprising your Mum
  33. Getting someone the PERFECT gift for Christmas
  34. Peppermint tea
  35. Starting a new journal
  36. Planning trips (even if its 10 miles down the road)
  37. Glitter (always makes me happy tbh)
  38. Watching animal documentaries
  39. Fresh flowers
  40. Dancing (even if it’s super awkwardly in private to your fave advert)
  41. Staying in bed all morning and refusing to leave unless absolutely necessary
  42. Every episode of Broad City ever
  43. Making cupcakes (even if you’re really bad like me, you feel super proud afterwards!)


What about you guys? What always makes you smile? And what’s especially been making you happy this week?



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