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4th November 2016

I have all my blog posts for the month scheduled out on a spreadsheet, and I try to plan ahead as much as possible. However, sometimes I need to rejig some things around, because I have the urge to just write, write, write. Sometimes I just want to ramble about anything and share little life updates with you guys, and today is one of those days. I love these feelings.


There has been a lot of negativity in my life the past two weeks unfortunately. A family member got some sad news, I found out some people were being quite mean about me for no reason, my graphics tablet AND my laptop broke meaning I’ve had to replace them (all my income depends on me having a computer and being able to draw, so it was unavoidable) and I have found myself not being able to see friends due to lack of time or money lately. So all in all there has been a lot pushing me down.

HOWEVER, I only mention this quickly to purge myself of all of it. I’m definitely looking to brighter things, and I wanted to share with you guys some HAPPY things from this week 🙂

Blippo – Everyone knows I’m obsessed with Blippo, it’s my favourite site for cute kawaii shopping. I put in an order about two weeks ago and my mini bundle finally arrived, yaay! I got the most adorable mini egg shaped highlighters, a cute pink beanie bunny, a Hello Kitty bow sharpener, a Pusheen sleep mask and some other little treats for friends I can’t share, in case they see!

Blog Opportunities – This week I got the best bloody email I could ask for, to lift me out of my slump. I’ll be working with an Art brand that I love in 2017, on a continuous project and I’m SO SO excited. Not only is it a great opportunity, but it’s something that will genuinely be SO much fun to share on this blog. It will challenge me creatively and inspire me, so I feel incredibly lucky! I can’t wait!

My Little Mermaid ornament – This seems random, but it’s my first Christmas-themed purchase for the year – and my Mum got me it! I found this super cute, because my Mum never goes shopping in the center of town as it’s so busy and she hates it. But she purposely went right into the heart of Liverpool, to the Disney shop, and bought me this as she knew I’d love it. She’s known about my Little Mermaid obsession since I was a kid, when she first bought me it on video. So I’m going to treasure this little trinket forever now, and it’s going to have pride of place on the Christmas tree! Oh also, it sings! haha.

Inspiration – I’m feelin’ it! It comes in waves, and belive me I’m surfing right now (LOL shut up Jemma). I hope this feeling lasts! Also, I have a load of cute fabric I want to use for something – but I’ve no idea what for! I want to make the most of my inspiration while it lasts, so I might browse Pinterest? Throw some ideas at me if you have any!

Kindness – I tweeted about wanting to see a firework show this weekend but with Gary being in work, I’d be alone and missing out. However the lovely Kiah (who is quite local to me) tweeted and asked if I’d like to go with her and a bumch of friends – how nice is that?! I thought it was a lovely example of how blogging can bring such lovely friends. And now Holly is coming too and I am just THRILLED to be around some of my faves this weekend!

Milestones – I am so baffled by this; but I recently reached over 16,000 Twitter followers, and over 8000 Instagram followers, WOAH. I am beyond grateful and happy that people seem to like keeping up with my goings on! It’s amazing! Thank you so, so, so much.



Let’s hope happy things continue to come my way 🙂

How’s your week going?



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