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10 Festive Things I’m Looking Forward To

9th December 2016

This year I’m really into Christmas, which hasn’t always been the case. But I’m thoroughly enjoying the festivities and trying to make the most of the end of year celebrations for 2016, yay!


I thought I might as well sprinkle some Christmas joy into this week’s posts, in the hopes of getting you lot excited too!

So, the things I’m looking forward to most are…


  1. Gary finishing work for Christmas. He finishes December 23rd and is then only working 1 day between then and around the 6th/7th; so we’re gonna have loads of time together to enjoy!
  2. Gift wrapping. Okay I’ll be honest we’ve wrapped most of them already, but I will still enjoy doing the last few bits and making everything look super pretty under our Christmas tree.
  3. Christmas movies, yaay! I haven’t watched any yet, and I just know when I do I’ll feel TRULY like it’s Christmas. We have #GGMovieNights planned for 15th December 7pm (Watching Arthur Christmas) and 23rd December 8pm (Watching Home Alone) – come join us!
  4. Cheesy music. As bad as it can be, there’s nothing quite like The Pogues, Band Aid and Wizzard.
  5. Christmas at Mums. It’s truly a highlight as all the family get together either on Christmas day or Boxing day, and enjoy my mums amazing Christmas dinner! Its THE BEST, trust me. Plus presents, obv.
  6. Writing out Christmas cards. I haven’t done this at all yet, but I do love spreading a bit of cheer! I’m even thinking I’ll post some in all my neighbours doors, which is very unlike me, haha.
  7. Indulging. I mean I just want an excuse really to buy 3 big boxes of Roses/Celebrations/etc. Don’t judge.
  8. Twinkly lights everywhere. I’m like a magpie, I love anything shiny! And fairy lights and decorations everywhere truly makes me feel happy and festive.
  9. Blogmas. I don’t take part in this myself because I post at around five times a week anyway, and if I want to post more often, I always do. So I don’t take part in challenges to post more, as I think for me it would take the joy out of it. But I’m totally into you guys taking part! I love having so much more content to read, and knowing you’re all challenging yourselves is awesome.
  10. Snow. This last one obviously isn’t a definite, and we’re very rarely treated to snow; but OMG I get so happy when it snows. Think Lorelai Gilmore happy at snow. Yep, that. It snowed here about two weeks ago and I couldn’t believe it. I just hope we’re treated to another snow day in December!


Hope you guys are having a fabulous week!



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