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In Depth Superdrug Skincare Review & HeartNSoul Bath Bombs

19th January 2017

I’ve got two beauty obsessions, skincare and bath bombs; and recently I’ve added to my collections of each! And no, you can never have too much of either…

Always a huge, huuuuuge fan of Superdrug; I was so keen to try out some of their popular skincare products I’ve been seeing everywhere.

I got the B. Hyaluronic Acid Facial Spritz, the Optimum Anti-Dehydration Birch Water Micellar Tonic (what a mouthful eh?), Optimum Anti-dehydration Day cream and the Simply Pure Hydrating Serum. I’ve taken the last six-eight weeks to thoroughly test each of these out, so I thought I’d share with you guys my full reviews on each!


B. Hyaluronic Acid Facial Spritz

Anything with ‘acid’ in the name always sounds iffy for skincare IMO, but I can assure you this little gem is a gentle and kind skincare product which I would happily recommend to anyone. In fact, it’s clearly very proud of this fact as it boasts to be ‘for all skin types’ which is a winner. For reference though, I have combination skin. Dry areas and oily areas; lucky me! But It’s rare I get spots, so that’s good at least. The facial spritz is from Superdrug’s ‘B.’ range which I’m already a huge fan of, so I didn’t feel I was taking much of a risk on this one. It’s refreshing and nourishing, I lightly sprayed this on my face, and once it’s settled in (quickly I might add), you can feel the difference in your skin’s softness instantly. SO GOOD! Helps stop my skin from drying out, but thankfully is so light it doesn’t cause oily build up. I just know this will be my handbag must have in Spring and Summer especially. This retails at £7.99 in Superdrug which I almost can’t believe; such a bargain.

Optimum Anti-Dehydration Birch Water Micellar Tonic

I started to replace my usual Micellar water for this one, to judge effectively how well it treats my skin daily. I have to say, the first thing I noticed is the very, very light scent. I instantly didn’t like it, I’m sorry to say. It’s not a huge bother, as it doesn’t linger on the skin; but it does put me off this product a little. The scent is almost sugary… a little too sweet for me. I honestly prefer my Micellar water’s to have no scent at all. This performs well, removes my makeup and daily build up really nicely, and softens the skin as it goes in fact. I just can’t quite bring myself to get over that scent though. I would recommend sniffing this product before buying, or you might not be able to face it in the mornings. This retails at £4.99.


Optimum Anti-dehydration Day cream

I loved using this day cream! Especially under my eyes and on my nose; the areas that probably need the most nourishment daily. It applies lightly, sinking into the skin quickly without residue lingering behind. The silky, lightweight texture is the perfect addition to my skincare routine, and leaves me feeling like I’m glowing all day long. Oh, and even though it’s part of the Optimum range, I didn’t have any ‘scent issues’ this time. Definitely a keeper, and at only £14.99 it;s one I’d buy again and again.


Simply Pure Hydrating Serum

I used this serum in the evenings before bed, as I found it took longer to really sink into the skin. I am more than happy with this though, because once it does, my skin is truly hydrated and feels supple to touch (ooer!). This product is especially designed to nourish and take care of sensitive skin, so there’s no worry of heavy serums being too much for you. At only £2.69 this is he best bargain of the bunch, and one I absolutely love!


As promised, bath bombs!
I was kindly gifted a few lovely products from HeartNSoul recently! A small business with an Etsy shop, putting real love and care into each and every product. I love supporting small business, and try to make it my goal to try new brands each month. So when they approached me and asked me if I’d like to try one or two products, I was thrilled, and definitely wanted to feature these guys here on my blog.

I was lucky enough to receive the following to try out; 2 of their natural, organic handmade bath bombs*, lip scrub*, organic handmade soaps*, sugar body scrub* and vanilla oatmeal honey soap*!

I feel like each and every product is to be treasured, as so much love goes into everything they do! The bath bombs are scented, full of essential oils, and create the prettiest explosion of colours in the tub! The perfect antidote for a long day. The soaps are organic and truly nourishing on the skin, and come in so many varieties that you’re sure to find something for the perfect gift (for yourself or someone else!).

HeartNSoul also spend a lot of time creating wonderful new themed products for upcoming holidays, such as their Valentines heart range which you guys NEED to check out!

I’m so, so grateful to have tried them; and now they’re definitely on my list of favourites. So be sure to pop them a visit and support small biz!



What have you guys been buying recently? 🙂




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