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10 Supportive Bloggers You Need To Follow

14th February 2017

I feel like the very first thing I am desperate to say here is; These aren’t the only supportive bloggers, and lovely people (obviously). This isn’t a list of my ‘favourite people’, so please don’t be offended if you aren’t on here. It doesn’t mean you haven’t been the most awesome, amazing, lovely supportive person to me and many others. It simply means I am only doing ten for this post, it’s the first ten that came to mind, and I’ve chosen people based on their actions towards others as a whole rather than just lovely support aimed at me! I WILL do another post very soon though, as there are so many people I’d like to thank 🙂

Phew! Okay.. for now, just know that I’ve tried to be really observant within the blogging community; and I’ve made note of people who are always supporting others, constantly spreading joy and just generally have a super cool vibe.

ENJOY, and give them a follow! 🙂

(I’ve featured everyone’s Twitter handle, so pop over and say hey to them!)


1. Sharon – @sharonreid24

2. Aliyah – @aliyah_hussxin

3. Erin – @poppiesinoct

4. Kayleigh – @KayleighZara

5. Lydia – @whatlyddid

6. @WishHopeDreams

7. Kelly – @KellyLSharpe AND Lucy – @LucyOsterfeld (I don’t care if I’ve cheated, they’re twins, its allowed! Sort of…)

8. Holly – @hollyquillsivy

9. Saph – @TheRavenWoman

10. Ashylynn – @CrimsonCardigan


Who would you put on your list of supportive heroes? 🙂
(Once more for the people in the back, I have SO MANY MORE to name!! I promise, soon!)



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