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6 Things To Do When You Crave Change

20th February 2017

It’s normal to find yourself feeling stuck in a rut sometimes, even though we may wish it weren’t. We humans are strange beings; even if everything is going great, we can feel trapped and get bored by our own perfect routines. Embracing change in your life in a variety of ways, can really feel like a breath of fresh air and totally rejuvenate you.

As someone who gets bored easily and seems to crave change often; I thought I’d share with you my top 6 tips for conquering this in small ways. So there’s no need to turn your life upside down, try these simple things first!


1. Switch up your routine 

Changing up things on your schedule can be a great quick fix. Switch from going the gym in the morning to the evening, see if there are any classes you could take on the weekends, make time to see friends after work maybe once a week? You could feel better just knowing boring Mondays will be redeemed with evening cocktails and gossip!

2. Explore new hobbies 

It’s never too late to try find a new hobby to love, and you could surprise yourself! Start an art journal, try knitting, take up a new sport, or go hiking with friends? You’ll realise with so many possibilities, your routine needn’t be dull.

3. Try a new look 

Craving a change can be fixed with something as easy as trying out a new look for yourself. Change your hair colour/style, experiment with different makeup looks, or have a complete fashion overhaul! (Also a great excuse to go shopping!).

4. Learn something new 

You never know what skills could be waiting to burst out of you. Perhaps you’re musical, talented at picking up new languages, great at building websites? Whatever it is! Improving on yourself will make you feel good.

5. Meet new people 

Bring in some new blood into your circle of friends. Make an effort with colleagues more, invite a friend of a friend out, meet other bloggers you’ve gotten to know online, or join a class!

6. Take a look at your career 

Maybe you crave change because you’re becoming totally bogged down by work? Explore what other options you have, or what else you may be interested in going into, and don’t let anything stop you!


What are your top tips for when you need a change?



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