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Get To Know Me; A Collection Of Personal Essays

10th February 2017

As much as I’d like to think you guys know me well, and that I share all on this blog; I’ve come to realise just how little about me is reeeaaally on here. Like, you only see a teeny snippet of me, and who I am really. While that can be great, I’m so interested in sharing my history, my thoughts, my opinions, my experiences and my stories with you guys in every little detail.

I have struggled with this for the past two years on this blog; wanting to share a specific story, but wondering how it would be relevant. I know that I can write and share whatever I want on here, and my readers (yeah, you!) are always supportive and wonderful; but I still weren’t sure how to go about it. I like direction y’see.

But I’ve cracked it, and I’m thrilled.

I’m going to create a collection of personal essays, to share on this blog and allow you guys to delve into my mind in a new and hopefully intriguing way. I’m going to tell you guys about my experiences growing up. I’m going to reach inside my memories and share my most embarrassing moments with you. I’ll share all my secrets. I’ll recount the first kisses and the sex stories, the worst break ups and the weirdest exes. I’ll tell the tale of secret birthday celebrations on snowy nights in a new city. I’ll open up about the hardest things I’ve had to go through. I’ll try to make you laugh with my struggles through terrible jobs and even worse bosses.

I’m going to give you little pieces of my life, in written extracts that pour out from my brain and onto the page. I won’t hold back, and I won’t set an agenda. I’ll simply put my whole being down into words, and see what happens. I’ll allow myself to talk more freely on this blog than ever before, in an attempt to form the most honest and true image of myself in digital form, for you dear reader. I won’t be looking for pithy titles or click bait, I won’t be stressing over why I’m sharing a particular story with you; I simply will. I’m excited to describe the small moments that changed me forever, and the experiences that help shape me.


So please, feel free to give prompts or requests too. Ask me any questions, however random or personal; and I’ll see what I can do. Ask about first times, last times, when I did something, why I did something, how something made me feel, who I admire, what are my strangest/happiest/most peculiar memories? Simply ask away! I’ll try to do one as often as possible; hopefully at least one every week or two. But I’m keeping this pressure free and just purely for the love of it.


I’m hoping to take back the joy of the storyteller inside of me which is eager to get out. I really do hope you’ll join me on this journey.





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