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4th February 2017

At the start of each month, I like to reflect on the previous one, life in general, and how things have been going for me. Today I thought I’d summarise life lately, from the big stuff to the really little day to day things.

Enjoy! πŸ™‚

I’ve got back into reading regularly this year, and I’m so glad to be able to delve into a world of fiction (mostly) and get lost for a few hours. I’ve started giving myself more space in my schedul, and it’s a huge relief. It means I can have more ‘me time’ and reading is a huge part of that for me. I used to read a new book each week, but I haven’t had the chance in ages, until now. I’ve reread some Sherlock stories (an old fave), read Me Before You (mixed feelings on this), and now I’m starting another Lincoln Rhyme novel from Jeffery Deaver (I’ve loved these for ages, and I’m gradually working my way through them all!).

Finding joy in photos-
It occurred to me last year that I hardly took any photographs, simply for the sake of it. Sure, I take blog or Instagram photos every few days; but I’d stopped getting as many snaps with Gary, family and friends. Or taking photos just for the joy of it, and recording memories. If something wasn’t in line with my ‘theme’, it didn’t get snapped. I hate that, so I promised myself this year would be different, and it has already. I ordered loads of Instax film, and I’ve been taking photos non stop, of anything and everything. I’m definitely gonna keep this up! Gary’s also been capturing photos everyday on his Instagram, and it’s a lovely way to document things!

Insta live-
Speaking of photo/Instagram related things; I’ve started using Instagram Live! I’m typically a snapchat girl, but I can definitely see me making the move over to Insta live more often. Why? Well to be honest I just love the idea of having everything in one place. My Instagram photos, a story of vids/snaps, and then the ability to live broadcast and chat to people. The organisational lover inside me adores this. I’ll be doing get ready with me live streams, Q&A’s, and much more; So come follow me!

New Etsy products-
I’m so, so happy with my new Etsy products lately! I did the Nasty Woman notebooks and stickers, and they sold out within a few hours. It raised over $150 for Planned Parenthood and I am SO grateful to everyone who helped towards this! It feels amazing to do something useful, and create new things in the process. I also have these pretty floral notebooksΒ on sale, and I think they’re the perfect way to get excited for Spring! Also look out for BRAND NEW mugs which will be on sale next week! Eeep. So excited! It honestly makes me feel so grateful that people support my little Etsy store, it means the world to me.

Saying goodbye to Liverpool;
Sam and Lyd literally made me cry when they decided to organise a little day for me to say goodbye to some local blogger friends before I move to Plymouth! It means so much to me, because as excited as I am; it’s obviously a big, scary thing. I’m scared I won’t see my friends. I’m scared I won’t make new ones. I’m scared full stop! So to have people show that they actually care you’re leaving is so bloody nice! Thanks guys. So yep, around Liverpool 11th March? Come have a drink with us!


It’s been lovely to chat to some babes I admire more often lately, like Beth and Bex. I love these girls so much, and they always make me smile! I’ve tried to make more of an effort to make others smile lately, if possible, and consciously spread a little joy. So I sent a blogger friend some flowers, wrote a letter to an old friend telling her how much I miss her, bought advertising with some of my fave bloggers to help support them, and I’ve been looking out for more writing opportunities, so that I can include these in The Girl Gang newsletters for people! Speaking of the newsletter, I LOVE seeing everyone using their phone wallpapers I designed, and I promise I’ll include more every month. Let me know if you have any requests? Also, don’t forget the next #GGMovieNight ! Friday 10th Feb, 8:30pm GMT watching Legally Blonde, YAY! It’s on Netflix, so set a reminder!

And finally, a note to say… I’ve hit a wall. I recently had really bad news. Like, heartbreaking. It’s left me feeling absolutely awful, and I’m so sorry I’ve not quite been myself. I promise I’ll be back to myself soon, but bear with me πŸ™‚


I hope you guys are doing well! Let me know!…



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