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New Beauty Products

9th February 2017

My dressing table could be overflowing with makeup, lipsticks could be rolling everywhere (they wouldn’t really, I have pretty storage so they all stand up straight), eyeshadow palettes could pile up, pretty brushes could be found in every nook and cranny… and I would STILL buy more beauty products. Addict or enthusiast?

Don’t worry, I store everything as neatly as possible and I do have a really good clear out every now and again (my mum is always very pleased with her hand me downs). But it’s clear by now that exploring new beauty has got to be officially on my list of hobbies; it’s a must at this point I reckon.

So I thought why not at least share some of my latest goodies with you guys, and that way I can tell myself blogging justifies this obsession!

Coastal Scents – I’d only ever heard of Coastal Scents very recently, when someone posted a photo of some pretty eyeshadows on Instagram. I’m so sorry I can’t remember who it was! However, they caught my eye instantly, and I went browsing. I discovered that the brand is really affordable and has a HUGE selection of eyeshadows and other products online. I thought this would be the perfect new brand to try this month, and I could build up my own palette too! These are the first shades I’ve been trying, but definitely not the last. From top to bottom, left to right they are; Silver Lilac, Pink Frost, Icelandic, Tropic Green, Tangerine, Kokomo Cafe. I can’t believe the quality of these at such a tiny price, and I’m already a fan! My favourite is probably Pink Frost at the moment, but they’re all beaut.

Benecos – Benefos offer natural cosmetics at a great price, with a huge range of colourful and vibrant products; standing out from other eco products. They kindly send me some of their new Spring products to try, and they were a delight! I received the Natural Care Cleansing Wipes*, two of their moisturising lip balms* and one of their purple nail polishes*. The shade is perfect for my hair at the moment, the wipes are refreshing and leave my skin feeling clean and clear, and I’m totally in love with the lip balms! The lip balms came in raspberry and orange, and are lightly scented, super soft, and even have the most subtle and pretty shimmer look to them. So, so pretty, and a handbag must have.

Rimmel – I was lucky enough to receive some Rimmel goodies in the post recently, and they’re all over the brow products! Just what I need, since I’m never quite confident with my eyebrows, and good quality products at a bargain price seem pretty perfect for me! I received four brow styling gels*; in dark brown, medium brown, blonde and clear. I also received two brow sculpting kits* in dark brown and medium brown. Then three eyebrow pencils*; in black brown, dark brown, and hazel. And finally then I received a highlighting crayon pencil* in Shimmer. Absolutely everything you could need for the perfect brows!
I’ve been using a combination of the sculpting kit, pencil and styling gels to give the illusion of perfect, bigger brows. I have really fair haired eyebrows and they’re naturally thin too, so I really have to work to make them seem more substantial! These products were awesome and really helped me! My fave is definitely the styling gel, and the only product I haven’t really used is the highlighting crayon. It’s awesome, but a bit TOO light for my skin. Instead of a pretty, natural highlight under my brow; it looks like a really bold line, even if I blend it.  But not too bad considering this is the only product that was a miss for me! 🙂


Have you guys tried any of these products? Let me know your thoughts!



*Any items sent for review are written about 100% honestly and in my own words. Sometimes collaborative content and partnerships with brands will appear on this blog. Affiliates links are used throughout this blog.

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