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10 Happy Moments Away From A Screen

15th March 2017

Last week I found myself down a rabbit hole of old photographs, while browsing through my ‘memory box’; and I realised how content I felt, simply being away from a screen for a little while. I’ve since then been trying to get away from the computer and my phone for as long as possible, even if only in short bursts.

It sounds easy, but my very tiny income is 100% reliant on my being online; writing blog posts, promoting myself, trying to find work, creating more things for Etsy, and so on. So it can be really hard to get away, even if I need it. There’s always that little voice whispering in my ear, making me panic about not earning, not being able to buy food, and keeping me sat at my desk.

But of course for my own mental health, I need time away to really relax.
So I’ve really tried to make the most of those moments lately, and I’ve really enjoyed these ten happy, simple things…


1. Reading – I used to be a total bookworm, devouring one after the other week after week. However since starting this blog, I’m lucky if I read a book once a month, EEK. So I’ve compiled a list of books I’ve always wanted to read (as well as some new ones) and I’m working my way through. Even if it’s just a few pages before bed each night, I have my head back in a book. I’m currently reading Wild, and it’s awesome.

2. Organising – Because we move at the end of next month, Gary and I have started having a full clear out of all our belongings. Lemme tell ya, it feels damn good. Whether it’s donating stuff, giving to friends and family, or just throwing stuff right in the trash, it feels

3. Podcasts – Particularly Ted Talks! I’ve loved popping one one, and just lying down on the sofa with my eyes closed, listening to great minds share even greater ideas. It’s perfect if you take a lot of bus journeys, or simply want to make household chores more fun. I thoroughly recommend Ted Talks, however other podcasts I like are; ERINS PODCAST (she’s awesome y’know) Stop Podcasting Yourself, Serial, and of course The Odd Pear; the podcast I run with Gary 😉

4. Quality time with Gary – I’m in love with this guy, I have the greatest fiance in the whole world. THERE, I said it! Lol. But yeah anyway sometimes it’s super easy to get into a typical routine, and forget to have special moments together. Lately though? I feel at the peak of couples bliss with this fella. Whether it’s giggling together rewatching The Office, taking walks into town and browsing stores, or recording our podcast; I feel super connected. It’s fab.

5. Writing – Even if I’m away from my computer, I’ve been writing away in my journal, or scrawling lines on random scraps of paper. I’ve rediscovered the joy of writing for writing’s sake. The cathartic release is something I never want to tire of. It’s important to me to not lose that within blogging. I’ve actually been submitting my writing to a variety of places too, yay!

6. Cycling – I’ve wanted a bike for ages, and I finally have one! YAY. I’m so glad, because I love cycling, it will be really good for me to get out each day, and it’ll do my health and fitness a world of good 🙂 I’m even getting used to having a sore bum (ooer) from the seat haha.

7. Pampering myself – Popping on a Spotify playlist while painting my nails, taking a hot bubble bath, or styling my hair or makeup feels SO GOOD. I’ve made a point to pamper myself more lately, and it’s left me feeling a little more confident. I also really enjoy playing with my makeup and experimenting with different looks!

8. Daily Art journal entries – I wrote a post not so long ago, about creating a daily art journal; and it’s been so awesome for me! Getting time away from a screen, and working in this journal is so therapeutic. Don’t be put off if you aren’t very creative, anyone can create one!

9. Playing my ukulele – I’ve been naughty, not practising with my uke as much as I should! However I’m now trying to change this, as it’s so satisfying when I learn how to play something (super simple things only!). If you fancy it, learning to play an instrument is a great way to get away from a screen and learn something new.

10. Friend ‘stuff’ – After a few months of hibernating and not feeling my best, I sort of became really antisocial accidentally. I’m now taking small steps to change this, and I’ve seen both ‘normal’ friends and blog friends recently, a few times! Yaaay! 🙂


What ‘away from screen’ activities have you guys been enjoying lately? 🙂



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