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Happiness, Inspiration & A Giveaway.

5th March 2017

The rain is hitting my window as I write this, and you just know that means there’s a smile on my face. I can’t help but feel cheery when the world looks a little grey, and the rain splashes down and decorates the streets with puddles. Mind you, I still really am looking forward to bright Spring days, it’ll make a welcome change even for a rain lover like me. Blue skies and longer evenings sound lush, and us bloggers are huge fans of more light, aren’t we?!

Print available on Etsy.

I’ve been creating more collage based artwork lately, like the piece shown above; and it’s making me SO, so happy. I’m not sure how many of you guys are creators, but if you are; you’ll know that wonderful, bursting feeling you get when you tap into a fantastic moment of inspiration. That’s what I’ve had for the past week, and it feels good to have it back after such a long time away.

I had some amazing feedback from you guys on THIS blog post; the first of my personal essays. I’m so, so grateful people are interested to read something out of the ordinary like this, especially because I already have the next few lined up. I’ll be spacing them out nicely, and I hope you’ll enjoy reading my more creative pieces, based on past experiences. It feels good to explore this side of my writing.

I am also REALLY grateful for the huge amounts of love and support regarding my post on Social Anxiety. It’s something that has totally left me shaken and really unlike myself so far in 2017; but I was amazed at the amount of support. It’s still unfortunately affecting me; but it gets less and less each day! I’ll feel like my true self again soon, I’m sure of it.

I was spoiled by a surprise treat this week from the lovely folk over at Superdrug. They had seen I hadn’t been feeling my best lately, and kindly sent me a wonderful package of their new Layering Lab body spray fragrances, along with a thoughtful note from them, wishing me well. How nice is that?! Seriously, it makes a huge difference when a brand reaches out with genuine interest and concern; and it warmed my heart!

I’m so grateful to Superdrug, especially because all the body mists smell AMAZING! They’ve created a collection of affordable, day to day fragrances that smell really pretty, and have something for everyone. At this point I’d just like to point out Superdrug don’t even know I’m writing this, let alone have I been asked to promote them or anything. I just genuinely love them!

I was really inspired by their kindness to me, and thought I’d pass it on too! As some of you may know, I recently hit 1000 sales on Etsy too – WOW. So with this in mind, and Superdrug’s lovely surprise mail, I have decided to launch lots of giveaways over the next two or three weeks! I’ll be launching them on here, my Twitter, and my Instagram – so be sure you’re following me to keep an eye out for them all!

The first giveaway will be for 3 of these lovely sprays, as follows;

The winner will receive ‘Oriental’, ‘Gourmand’ and ‘Cocoon’ – each of which smell gorgeous!

So how do you win? Simple – leave a comment on this blog post 🙂 – That’s it. EASY. I just simply want to say thanks to people who actually read my blog. Please do leave either your Twitter username or email too, so that I have a way of contacting you should you win. I will choose a winner at random on Friday 10th March.

The only thing is, it’s UK ONLY! I am so sorry, and it’s only because they are fragrances. Do keep an eye out for my other giveaways though, because they will be open worldwide!


Another happy thing I’ve received in the post recently, is the amazing Sistra Zine. A female-led culture zine with amazing articles and a range of topics to give you food for thought.

They have amazing music recommendations, hilarious political pieces, beautiful photography and art that’ll surely inspire. Definitely go give them a follow on Instagram!

This week I’m going to be celebrating Gary’s birthday with him, creating more collage based artwork, seeing local Liverpool bloggers, and hoping to get into a better work routine. I’ve sort of gotten into a terribly organised one at the moment. The work’s getting done, but at around 2am, which isn’t ideal obviously. So here’s to early morning starts (hopefully) and a lot of coffee!


What about you guys? How’s your week?






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