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Life, Blog Milestones & Goodbyes

18th March 2017

Two weeks ago I hit my third blog birthday for Dorkface, yay! It was in early 2014 I started this blog, and though I’d had a variety of blogs before, I knew this one was ‘for real’.

I began blogging because I loved to write, and this was great practise for different styles of writing, featuring different themes/niches and ideas. However the one thing I didn’t expect, was that I’d find such an amazing community within it! I have made best friends for life because of this little hobby, and I even managed to bag myself a social media job out of it, before then leaving that too and working for myself.


It’s been quite a journey, and one I’m so, so grateful to be on.

I want to say a HUGE thank you to anyone who has supported this blog so far, anyone who comes back to read my rambles, the amazing friends who leave sweet comments, and those who always encourage me to try new things. You’re the bestest!

Though I plan on having this blog for a long time, I now feel like I’m going into a whole new fresh start with everything. I plan on being more creative and experimental with my posts, and of course, I’m moving to Plymouth next month (our moving date is finally confirmed, April 29th!). With this huge life change, I hope to add a few extra things on this blog. I’ll be exploring my new home, the city, the beauty of the South coast, and all it has to offer. I’ll also be keeping you guys updated with our home decor progress, and hopefully showing the transformation it’ll go through. I might even finally consider doing outfit photos, as I’ll have such a pretty setting right outside my door.

With this move coming just over the horizon, it’s meant I have to start preparing goodbyes to everyone here in Liverpool. At the start of this month I had two SUPER SWEET, awesome catch ups with a range of people, all wanting to catch up before I set off next month. It might seem early, but everyone’s schedules are so hectic (especially my own) that it’s hard to choose a time when everyone’s available. So I was very kindly treated to a catch up with some of my oldest, bestest friends, who all surprised me! It was honestly PERFECT. Balloons, pressies, wine and laughs. Then the very next day, I caught up with some blogging babes! Lydia, Bex, Holly, Fiona, Laura, Kayleigh and myself all hung out for the afternoon in Liverpool, with pizza, cookies, and more pressies! I was SPOILED. I truly love and adore these guys, and I’m so glad I got to meet them through this crazy hobby of mine.

There are other things to look forward to before I move; The Makeup Revolution party I’m attending (say hi if you’re going!), my birthday (April 16th ahem) and a night out with some old College friends too! I’m also obviously going to be seeing my family as much as possible, and hoping to pack up our home without any stress (fingers crossed!).


I’m not sure how the next three years will go, but I have high hopes and I’m keen to bring on many more adventures!




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