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5 Blogging Joys

4th April 2017

After 3 years of blogging here as Dorkface, I still absolutely love it! There are loads of positives about being a blogger, and getting involved with the community. I thought since I reached this recent milestone, I’d talk about why I’m still blogging, and all the things that make me so damn happy about it! 🙂


1. New friends.

I now have people I genuinely consider best friends because of this little hobby, and I couldn’t be more grateful! There’s a whole community of people who understand your passion for flatlays, followers and checking your comments – yay! I love finding new people who have the same loves/hates as me, and I get to meet people from all over the country because of it! 🙂

2. Career assistance.

Yep, blogging can help with so many careers; not just being a blogger full time! Whether you want to get involved with something in social media/digital marketing, writing, photography/arts based, or even something consumer related; blogging can push this, make you stand out from the crowd and help you nab your dream job. A few years ago I was a university drop out with only crappy retail experience, until I started blogging. It helped me nab a full time job in social media for a big company, and then I was finally able to work for myself; writing and illustrating. Blogging shows passion, genuine interest in a subject (whatever niche you may be targeting for your career) and initiative.

3. Your archive.

Now, I may have a few embarrassing posts from when I first started blogging and my quality wasn’t quite as up to today’s standards; BUT, it’s also so lovely to be able to look back on these posts from years ago. Sure, the photos are terrible and I hadn’t quite found ‘my voice’ when writing, but I’ve documented most of my life for the past few years, and it’s amazing to be able to have such a record of it! Birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, fun times with friends; I’ve wrote about it all. Imagine how awesome that’s gonna be in 10 years to look back on?

4. Encouraging new skills & creativity.

Blogging encourage people who may not have ever strayed from the camera on their phone, to actually pick up a DSLR and learn all those damn, finnicky functions. As a community, we’re now all savvy bastards; knowing how to create beautifully photography and make our images stand out from the crowd. Then there’s the fact that we’re writing all the time, AMAZING. Then digitally editing photos, becoming masters of Photoshop, promoting ourselves, interacting across all types of social media with people and brands across the world, and basically being superheroes. Our skill levels are soaring, and it’s so fucking empowering.

5. The social side.

I’ve mentioned already how making friends through blogging is so bloody fab, but there’s also the other positives due to the social side of blogging. We run/attend events all over the place, travelling different places, and meeting people we never would have otherwise. Even if you aren’t making best friends, you’re being so much more social than you may have without this hobby. You’re interacting with people who are totally different from yourself, from different backgrounds, with different stories and interests, and nothing could be more enriching! Plus as well as enhancing your basic social skills, it’s helping you interact with professional brands and businesses you admire!


So I’m still head over heels for blogging. What about you guys?




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