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April Advertisers

22nd April 2017

April has been a pretty hectic one for me, in so many ways! And as we near to the end of the month, it’s great to assess where we are and plan for the next month.

I’m definitely glad I’ve been super productive, but I can’t wait for things to quieten down and to have a little ‘me time’. This month, whenever I’ve had the chance, I’ve been reading the blogs of April’s awesome advertisers. So I thought today I’d share with you guys why you should be reading them too!


Rosie Loves Life
Sharon is easily one of my absolute favourite friends I’ve made through blogging, and she’s one of my fave bloggers anyway too! She has a heart of gold and her genuine kindness and passion for the community always shines through. On her awesome blog, she writes about beauty, fashion, her life, and so much more. I thoroughly recommend you pop by and take a read!

Sartorial Scot
Lynnsay is a self confessed shopping addicted Scottish lass who loves writing about fashion, beauty, interiors and lifestyle. Her blog is an absolutely beautiful design, with so many awesome posts to dive into! I especially love her outfit photos and how she makes everything look effortless.

A Mess In a Dress
Stacey is someone I’ve followed for ages and I admire her blog because it’s so honest and friendly! She writes about books, beauty, her life, features fashion looks and so much more. She’s always so lovely to everyone, and dropping by her blog feels like visiting a friend!

If you love beauty blogs, you probably follow Laura already, as she’s absolutely killing it! Her photography stands out as it;s absolutely incredible, and you can tell she puts all her effort in. As well as writing in-depth and honest beauty reviews, Laura will often she her opinions on lifestyle issues, or blog/PR insights. She’s one of my absolute favourites, and I think you guys will love her!

Ali The Dragon Slayer
Ali is an amazing champion for her honest and insightful blog posts. She writes in-depth book reviews, and also bravely shares her journey through cancer, which is just astounding! She is a creative and friendly person who I discovered last year, and I’d love you all to give her a follow!

Over Peach Chic
Abbie’s blog is mainly a lifestyle blog, with a little of everything else in for good measure! It’s a fantastic combination of her own experiences, features about blogging and the community, music, Disney, books, all her favourite things and much more! Follow Abbie for honest, down to earth chatter and a friendly face 🙂

Hello Lizzie Bee
I absolutely ADORE Lizzie’s blog! I discovered it last year when she commented on one of my posts, and I’ve visited often ever since. You’ll find lots of Japanese inspired content, fashion, beauty, lifestyle posts and all of Lizzie’s thoughts! It’s incredibly cute and such a fun blog, I thoroughly recommend taking a visit!

Wishes, Hopes and Dreams
Fiona has been such a help to me for various things for a long time now; and most notably her expertise on moving from Blogger to WordPress! She’s a smart and helpful gal, who often shares her tech know-how, and blogging tips, which are incredibly helpful! As well as that, she shares her own life, beauty reviews, book reviews, and much more!

Kirsty Ralph
Kirsty is a new mum since last month – so congratulations are in order! She’s already been sharing her amazing daughters journey with us all, on her blog. As well as delving into motherhood, Kirsty also writes about books she loves, music, snippets into her life and favourite things, and so much more! Pop over and give her a visit! 🙂


What have you guys been reading this month?
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