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Rainbow Hair | REDKEN City Beats & Voodou Liverpool

10th April 2017

Hi guys! You have probably seen my new hair across Twitter or Instagram; but here it is in all it’s glory! I am absolutely THRILLED to finally have the rainbow hair I always wanted, and it turned out even better than I could have ever expected. So I thought today I’d give you guys the run down on how I got to this unicorn inspired place. Warning, this is gonna be photo heavy! 🙂

I was very kindly invited by Voodou Liverpool to come in for a full blown experience* with one of their amazing stylists (Megan, who was just brilliant!) and to try out the REDKEN City Beats colours; which are truly beautiful and bold semi permanent hair colours.

I had been in the week before to meet Megan and have a proper chat about my hair, what I wanted, and what sort of thing we could do with it. I was happy to leave it totally up to Megan, as I’m pretty free and easy with my hair, and I was content to let her have fun with it however she thought best! I was up for letting her experiment on me haha 🙂

I even turned up to Voodou on the day wearing a very colourful outfit, so I made it clear I was a huge fan of COLOUR! Megan settled me in nicely, letting me know everything she was doing to my hair, checking over each shade with me as we went, and giving me some wonderful advice along the way for taking care of my hair. I was even offered glasses of wine as I sat and got pampered, so it really was a luxury all round experience. Everyone in the salon was SO, so lovely too! They made me feel really at home and taken care of.

Full disclosure here guys, but obviously no surprise; my hair wasn’t in the greatest condition. When you colour it a lot and use heat on it often, it’s going to end up a little stressed out. Luckily Megan was giving me loads of tips about what sort of hair care to use, and how I could strengthen and take care of it better. Such as little alternatives to achieving nice waves (braiding myhair before bed, or putting in a loose bun), using heat protection sprays every single time, finding shampoos and conditioners without sulfates, and using kind colours on your hair – such as REDKEN City Beats!

The REDKEN City Beats colours are a cream formula which are really kind on hair. City Beats can be used on natural or previously coloured hair, but the lighter the hair, the brighter the end result of course. Since my hair was purple when I went in, we did a light bleaching of it to drain as much of my colour as could, in the most gentle way. Bleaching my purple hair meant it went green (as expected), and this was fine to apply these rainbow colours onto, but it’s worth considering what colours you’ll be applying over, and how well they will take.

Then the fun part! Megan applied all the colours over my hair; working hard to blend them into each other beautifully, so there are no ‘blocks’ of colour. They settled into my scalp promising bright and exciting new changes, and I couldn’t wait! It only took around half an hour, and then we were set to wash the colours out and style my hair.

As you can see, the result is ASTOUNDING. I am so, so happy with my hair! Megan did a really amazing job, and she made me feel a million dollars! Isn’t it funny how a hairdo can totally reignite your confidence? I’ve found myself feeling more loud, proud, and more like ‘myself’ than I have in a long time.

I already told Megan that even though I’m moving to Plymouth at the end of the month, I’ll definitely be back to Voodou again to see her for a REDKEN revival! Whenever I visit my family and friends, you can bet I’ll be booking in! I have had the greatest hair salon experience of my LIFE; seriously! Every single step of the way has been wonderful, and I would thoroughly recommend visiting Voodou, and especially trying out the REDKEN City Beats range. Summer is coming, and there’s no perfect time to try something new and vibrant!

A huge thank you to Voodou for having me, you have no idea how much you’ve made me a happy gal!




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