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5 Ways To Battle Self Doubt

18th May 2017

It’s no secret I’ve had a major boost in inspiration lately; I’m on the biggest creative ride I’ve had in more than a year. I’m so, so happy with this, and I’ve actually had quite a few comments on it the past few weeks. People have noticed that I’m working on something new all the time, I’m sharing my Artwork more, I’m trying out challenges I never have before, and I’m feeling good about the whole damn thing.

This isn’t always the case for creatives. We can have seriously damaging moments of self doubt, that stop us from creating altogether. In fact, last year I had this myself. I got a rejection of sorts, something that seemed set in stone was suddenly taken from me, and it killed me. I cried for weeks, I stopped trying, I felt miserable and unmotivated. Most of all, I felt absolutely hopeless. Self doubt was clinging to every inch of me, and stopping me from doing anything. I stopped being social, I hated seeing people, and I even stopped going on Instagram/taking photos of myself/doing videos/etc. I was hiding away from the world, and I felt like the biggest failure. I compared myself to absolutely everyone and it felt vile.

Why am I telling you this? I want you to know that I got through it, and now I couldn’t feel more different. I wanted to tell you about the things that help bring me out of my shell again, and helped me feel better than I have in a long time. I want you to know that I’m not bullshitting you with a ‘5 Ways to..!’ post to fill a gap in schedule. I really found help from these 5 things, and I genuinely think it could help others.

Self doubt holding you back? Try these 5 things (force yourself even if you don’t feel like it!) –


1. Support.
Find your support network; the people that are there for you. This could be a friend, your partner, your mum, a group of bloggers you get along with, etc. Be with those people, or talk to those people about your self doubt. Be honest and open up about how crap you are feeling. Just the act of talking (or crying in my case), will make you feel a little better, and you’re almost guaranteed that they’ll show they care and say something nice to you to try help. You need this. You need to get the negative stuff out, and let all the good stuff in. Let people tell you you’re not a failure – even if you don’t quite believe them yet.

2. Inspiration.
Next up is the people, places and things that totally inspire you. I know, you probably feel like everything is rotten and there’s no point trying to be inspired, it’ll only make you feel like you can’t do anything. Hmm.. I get this. But TRUST ME, there’s a reason these things usually inspire you, so do it anyway. Read the blogs of your role models, make a moodboard of places you’d like to visit, or images that make you feel good, listen to that playlist that always pumps you up. Immerse yourself in this world that usually makes you feel all glittery, new, and exciting – whatever it may be. Keep doing it every time you need it, use it to banish those bad times.

3. Eliminate negativity.
This one depends on what brings on the most negative feelings for you, so it’s totally custom to the monster inside you and how it eats your soul. For me? I HAD to get off of Twitter. I couldn’t take the happy conversations, or seeing how well everyone else was doing; it made me feel so much worse, my self doubt went into overdrive, and I felt even more like a failure. I stuck with Instagram, which was fine as I mainly follow arty accounts, and just felt good being ‘quiet’ for a while. For you? Maybe it’s evaluating a friendship that’s gone toxic, and sucks your good vibes away. Maybe you’re more likely to feel good about yourself when you do things for others (most of us do!) – so do that! Whatever it might be – start taking note of what ‘triggers’ self doubt or a lack of confidence for you, and avoid those things at all costs.

4. Make a list of the good.
Time to do one of my fave hobbies; make a list! Write down as many things as you can, about yourself, that you like. You could add something new each day as a challenge, and keep it above your mirror/desk/in a journal. Either way, force yourself to think about all the things that make you AMAZING. It can be intimidating for those of us who lack confidence, but it helps so much. Don’t gimme that crap about having nothing good to write down either, c’mon! You know that’s bull.

5. Keep going.
It’s going to feel scary, and shitty, and you might feel really low right now. But it WILL change. Keep going, and focus on YOUR OWN PATH, not looking into someone else’s lane. Keep creating, keep testing yourself, keep picking yourself up. Don’t over analyze yourself and don’t be scared of failing. It’s really okay to fail, we all do it. The point is to KEEP GOING.


You totally got this. Xo



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