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6 Goals For May

1st May 2017

A new month, a fresh start, a blank page – I love it! The perfect excuse to get yourself motivated and feeling determined to smash some goals. I thought today I’d share some of my own goals for May with you guys, and I hope May is kind to us all!…


1.Β Start making our house a home.
I can’t expect our new home to be ‘finished’ any time soon, as I’m sure I’ll be decorating, and buying things for a while. Making this home feel really perfect will take time, but I’m hoping to make a good start in May (you should actually follow my Instagram, I’m sharing loads of photos and pics!). I want all the basics sorted; the big furniture all purchased, the walls painted, and a real plan in place for how I want it all to look eventually. It’s going to be my big project this year, andΒ I am SO excited to get started!

2. Be active everyday.
I’m really wanting to explore my new home in Plymouth, and this is a great time to start living a more active lifestyle. Whether it’s taking walks through the woods just at the end of my road, or heading down to the harbour on my bike, I really want to make a point of exploring and being active as much as possible.

3. Create exciting new blog posts.
I have some awesome plans to really concentrate on the blog posts I enjoy doing most; fun DIY projects, sharing art projects, photo journal style posts, and getting myself in front of the camera more (hopefully!). Wish me luck, and let me know what YOU want to see on here πŸ™‚

4. Learn.
I’d love to know I’m learning something new all the time! Whether it’s interesting podcasts on subjects that are new to me, or practising a new skill; I think this would be awesome. Send me your suggestions too!

5. Explore video content.
I am SO floopy (yes, floopy) when it comes to video content, even though I love it! Whether it’s Youtube videos, or being way more active with Instagram stories/live; I do enjoy it a lot. However I always let it lack when I’m busy, or I just forget tbh. I really want to change this, as I’d love to become an all round creator you can count on for a variety of media etc πŸ™‚ So I’m gonna leave a little reminder on my desk to myself, to at least film on Instagram each day, and hopefully create more regular Youtube videos. Poke me if I don’t.

6. 30 Before 30.
You may have seen my recent 30 Before 30 blog post, and I hope during May I can at least tick one or two off! I’ve already talked to Gary about booking a trip to Zipworld, buying and planting lots of flowers in our new home, and I’m definitely hoping to do some DIY, as I mentioned!


What about you guys, what are your goals for May?



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