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Making Extra Cash From Home*

3rd May 2017

Working for myself has all the perks you can probably immediately think of, however it also means I have to budget all the time, and find new ways to secure income. It sounds boring, but it’s actually made me pretty organised, savvy and better at financing!

I discovered Matched Betting over a year ago, on the awesome Tea Party Beauty blog from Hayley. I had no idea what it was, but her post helped explain it for me. After looking into it more, and having my fiance try it out with me; we discovered it can actually be really great for earning at home!

So with that in mind, when Team Profit got in touch with me and asked if I’d like to share some of their info with you guys; I immediately said yes! I definitely think you guys should look into it if you’re considering earning extra cash for yourself at home, and you learn a lot during the process too.

These guys can explain it MUCH better than I ever could, so I’m going to leave it to them to explain now…

What is Team Profit?

Team Profit is a free to use educational site aimed at people in the UK looking to make extra money in their spare time.

They teach you how to make £600 risk free from your laptop or mobile, by taking advantage of over-generous bookmaker free bets, using a betting technique known as ‘matched betting’. To do this, they provide you with tutorial videos, step by step guides and live help, all available for free on their website*

So, what exactly is matched betting?

Matched betting has actually been enjoyed by people for over 10 years – however it’s only in the past 2 years that it’s really exploded in popularity, thanks to site’s like Team Profit making matched betting accessible to even those who have never placed a bet before in their life.

There are more than 25 online bookmakers in the UK. In order to attract new customers, they each offer free bets, known as ‘Welcome Offers’. In total they offer over £800 in free bets to new customers and and then using matched betting these free bets can be turned into £600 risk-free cash.

Over 25,000 people in the UK and Ireland currently enjoy matched betting and Team Profit say 60% of their users had never so much as placed a sports bet before joining.

Does it involve gambling?

This is the most common assumption with matched betting. You’d be forgiven for thinking that it did involve gambling simply because the name ‘matched betting’ would suggest it did.

However this isn’t the case, with matched betting you will never be risking a penny.

The trick to it is that is covers every outcome of a betting event in a profitable way, therefore no matter the outcome there is never any risk we will lose money. Furthermore, we still receive the free bets which we will be where we make our profit.

How much do I need to start Matched Betting?

You can start with as little as £8 in your bank! Team Profit provide an easy to follow, week by week plan on how to turn £8 into around £800 in 3 months by matched betting – moreover, there is a £25 and £100+ guide that mean you hit £1,000 in 3 months or 2 months respectively.

How much is a realistic amount for people to expect to earn each month?

A lot of subscription sites promise grand dreams of £2,000+ a month from matched betting. And while this is possible, it’s not really realistic unless you want to devote your days to doing it. From the welcome offers alone you can expect over £600 profit, averaging £30 to £40 an hour. Then doing daily offers (offers for existing customers), for a few hours a week you can expect up to £500 profit a month.

What makes Team Profit different to other matched betting sites?

It’s completely free! Team Profit specialises in teaching matched betting to anybody and everybody in a fun, interesting and most importantly profitable way!

We offer video guides, infographics and articles for learning and then over 25 step-by-step welcome offer guides that will earn you over £600 (most other places charge £15+ a month for this kind of access).

We also have a fantastic team of over 2,000 members who help each other out and provide real time tips to one another via our free to join Facebook Group too!

If it’s free, how does Team Profit make money?

It all started as a hobby to help others learn matched betting, for the founder, Jon Robertson.

It’s now a full time job for Jon and his friend Chris and they have managed to monetise the site via various means, information of which is provided here, How Team Profit Makes Money.

I’m interested, what do I do now?

The best place to start is the Team Profit perfect introduction –

You can then start making profit risk free by following the step by step Welcome Offers guides listed here. As mentioned in a previous answer, if you’re looking to start with as little as possible, check out the ‘Starting With £8’ guide here.


– And that’s it! Sounds good eh? Let me know what you guys think 🙂 You can also view the infographic here, which may help.

This post is sponsored by Team Profit, but all opinions are my own. Image used is a royalty free stock image.


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