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40 Things To Do When You Want To Get Away From The Internet

12th June 2017

It’s part of my job to be online, as a Blogger and Artist; okay it’s a HUGE part of my job. Making sales or pushing my blog totally relies on me spending a great deal of my time staring at this laptop. I love what I do, but can totally burn me out as well. Having a social media addiction on top of all the work stuff, really doesn’t help me.

So it’s because of this, that I’ve created a huge list of ideas to get me away from the internet, or screens altogether. I keep this list in my bullet journal, and refer to it whenever I can feel social media stealing my soul away.

So I thought I’d share this list with you guys today, and encourage you all to take time away from the internet as much as possible.


40 Things To Do When You Want To Get Away From The Internet:


1. Write a letter to a loved one.

2. Fill in a colouring book.

3. Clear out your wardrobe, donate old clothes and plan new outfits.

4. Take up a new class in your area.

5. Create/organise a photo album.

6. Learn to play an instrument.

7. Take up yoga.

8. Have a Disney movie marathon.

9. Bake something.

10. Catch up on your chores.

11. Paint your favourite animal.

12. Add iron on patches to jeans, jackets, Tshirts.

13. Explore your local parks.

14. Pick flowers and make your own bouquet.

15. Plan a surprise party for someone.

16. Test out new hairstyles.

17. Give yourself a manicure.

18. Volunteer somewhere.

19. Start writing a short story.

20. Go to an Art gallery and make a note of your favourite pieces.

21. Go see local bands play live music.

22. Visit a coffee shop and doodle your surroundings in a sketchbook.

23. Send a care package to a friend, filled with their fave things.

24. Try out a new makeup look.

25. Listen to an album from start to finish.

26. Go swimming.

27. Start a DIY project.

28. Hold a pizza party with close friends.

29. Keep a diary.

30. Make your own smoothies.

31. Make a cute den/reading nook in your bedroom.

32. Have a pamper night with face masks, a hot bath and a glass of wine.

33. Donate old books to a charity shop.

34. Visit a museum/aquarium.

35. Go hiking and track your speed/distance.

36. Play board games with your family/friends.

37. Hand make a gift for someone.

38. Make a gratitude log.

39. Plant flowers in your garden.

40. Meditate.


Please share your own favourites in the comments, as I’d love to add to this list! 🙂




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