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6 Little Ways You Can Help Fight Poverty*

14th June 2017

Charity is something that we often see everywhere; online support pages, appeals on Facebook, adverts on TV, people asking for donations on the street. So much so that we can become immune to the real power of charity, the real importance of what it’s all about.

I was so inspired especially on social media recently, seeing so many people come together for such important causes that affected so many of us here in the UK. It was heartwarming to see people I know and love all coming together to do something important that they believe in, to help strangers. We’re so good at this, there are so many good hearts among us. But I do think it’s key to remember that there are things we can be doing all the time to help important causes, like fighting poverty.

I was recently contacted by Human Appeal, asking to reach out to my followers and hopefully inspire you guys to think about all the different ways in which you can make a difference, and fight poverty. This is something I’m really passionate about personally, and I’d really love to know you guys got involved if possible.

I would never advertise the fact that I do a lot for charity, as I just REALLY don’t want to be that person tbh, and I don’t want or need praise. However today is the one time I’ll mention this. I’ve been brought up to give as much as I can to causes that are important to me, and it’s stayed with me all my life. I have found so many ways that you can contribute to a good cause, and I thought today I’d share some of the best and easiest ways for you guys. I hope this helps!


1. Become a volunteer. Volunteering is one of the best and most hands on ways to help, and Human Appeal have so many ways in which you can do this. If you think you’re up for the challenge find more info here. Volunteer at events, start a campaign yourself, and find different ways to fund raise.

2. Donate each month. This is one of the simplest ways you can make a real difference, it really couldn’t be easier! Charities usually have super quick setup processes so that each month (usually on a date of your choice) you can have a direct debit set up to donate a specific amount. However small this may seem, it makes a huge difference!

3. Challenge yourself. Maybe you could give up something for one month? Have you been meaning to cut down on caffeine? Now is your chance to skip the morning Starbucks, and instead save that £3 each day for a worthy cause. You’ll feel SO proud of yourself and you could have saved £90 by the end of the month!

4. Get sponsored. This was a common thing all my years throughout school, but it doesn’t have to stop now that I’m getting on a bit! Getting sponsored to do something challenging is a fantastic way to rustle up find from friends, family, coworkers, neighbours and even online friends! AND the best bit is you can do something you’ve always wanted to do too! Always meant to climb/hike a mountain? Get sponsored and raise money while you do! (I’m doing this in a few months!! Keep an eye out!). It doesn’t have to be that extreme though, and the possibilities are endless.

5. Use your social media. Probably the most powerful tool out there these days for helping out a good cause. Social media is fast, easy, and SO USEFUL. Why not regularly tweet out a link to Human Appeal and spread the great work they do? Or perhaps put a link on your own blog, or share their page on Facebook? One click can make a difference!

6. Get family involved. Giving and the act of charity and kindness are so important to me, and when I have my own family I plan on making it an important and regular part of our everyday lives. There are so many things you could do in your own home; start a swear jar, have a money box to keep spare change in, look up local charity events, donate food/clothing/toiletries and essentials to shelters, give books, dvds and unwanted gifts to charity shops. There’s something for everyone!



As you guys can tell, there is SO much you can do, and you can start TODAY. You can never have too much kindness and generosity in this world, and you’ll never regret contributing. I really hope this helps inspire you all! Remember to visit Human Appeal for more information.


*Just a note; this post is in collaboration with Human Appeal. It is a cause close to my heart and a portion of this post’s proceeds have gone back into donation. All views and opinions are my own, and I’d genuinely love if you guys could donate anything you have spare. I have 100% tried to do all I can to help a worthy cause, and I hope you guys understand today’s content. x



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