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5 Things That Would Be Different Without Internet*

26th June 2017

As much as we all try to get outdoors and get away from our screens sometimes; it’s fair to say most of us would be totally LOST if we didn’t have internet now. We rely on the internet for absolutely everything; from shopping, keeping our businesses going, communicating with far away friends and family, to learning more about the world in an instant. Life without the internet would be completely different.

It got me thinking how this would affect me personally if I had to live without internet, and there are some pretty huge changes in my life that would take place. I was recently challenged to list some of these changes and really think about how different life would be, by TalkTalk. Business broadband from TalkTalk means you can rely on great internet at a good price, with around the clock support; so you never have to be without.

It’s something so many of us have to consider now, as our internet is vital for both our professional and personal lives!

So here’s the top 5 ways it would change my life, being without internet – 


1. My business.

This is by far the most significant and life changing thing that would come from me having no internet – no business! I reply solely on online selling, creating partnerships with people I’ve never met, and advertising to a large audience. If I had no internet my whole business would come crashing down, so it’s pretty damn important!

2. Friendships.

I have a great circle of friends ‘offline’, but over the last few years blogging has made me even more friends than ever before. I meet people all the time at events, and friendships are formed through chatting everyday to like minded people. It’s fantastic! If I didn’t have the internet though, it would mean no group chats with mates arranging to meet up, or simply have a gossip. And I certainly wouldn’t be able to make new friends as easily without the internet! It’s now a huge part of my social life.

3. Opportunities.

I find new opportunities for my blog, my artwork and projects I never dreamed of; simply from being so present online. Imagine if I never had internet! That would mean no fun blog events, no brand collaborations, no opportunities to try something new for a project on this blog. Man… that would suck.

4. Inspiration.

I can’t imagine not having Instagram, Pinterest or Google around when I’m lacking in inspiration. What did people do for inspo years ago??? Go to a library and HOPE to find a great book to inspire whatever subject they’re interested in? Nahhh mate, that seems crazy now doesn’t it? These days with a click of a button and a quick scroll, we can find inspiration for artwork, a story, a blog post, an outfit, or even our next book. We are #blessed.

5. Routine.

I do try to spend as much time away from the computer as possible, just for my sanity really. But I realised that if I had no internet my WHOLE routine would change too. My morning coffee wouldn’t be accompanied by emails, I couldn’t entertain myself with Youtube videos while I’m painting, and this daily blogging thing would NEVER happen. All that spare time?!… I’d feel pretty useless to be honest. I rely on the internet for so much; both professionally and personally, and I’m very much okay with that!


What about you guys? Would you be lost, or do you think you could handle a life without internet?




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