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July’s Blogs Of The Month

26th July 2017

It’s almost the end of July, eep! I can’t believe how quick this year is flying by, but I’m not at all complaining. It’s been fantastic so far, and I’ve found myself excited to see what each new month will bring.

During July I had some amazing advertisers kindly grace my blog, and I wanted to share with you guys reasons why you should go give them all a follow. They’re wonderful, and here’s why…

Ashton Jade:

Ashton’s someone I have followed for SO long now. I’ve enjoyed watching her blog grow and change with her, and her content get better than ever. Ashton’s blog is perfect for travel junkies, someone who wants honest food and drink reviews, and the odd lifestyle post too.

Island Beauty Junkie:

Natalie’s blog is a fantastic go-to hub of honest beauty reviews, pretty photography, makeup routine posts, and so much more! I love that there is always something new and exciting on Natalie’s blog, as she keeps plenty of awesome content coming!

Based On:

Anu is an 18 year old blogger from Finland; with one of the prettiest blogs I’ve seen in a long time! Her photography is absolutely incredible, and as a girly girl; I appreciate her use of pink! She writes in depth beauty reviews, shares her skincare recommendations, and lifestyle features too!

Abbie Chic:

Abbie’s blog is absolutely PERFECT for people who love blogs with a little of everything. Whether she’s writing lifestyle features, sharing snippets of her personal life, fashion posts, beauty reviews or interviewing people; Abbie always keeps me hooked! Her blog layout is beautiful, and I love her photos!

Kayleigh Zara:

A true example of friendship and support within the blogging community; Kayleigh and her blog are truly special! Her photography is breathtaking, and instantly recognisable with her stylish but cute aesthetic. Kayleigh writes about her goals, beauty products she loves, blogging and everything happy.

LDN Rose:

Amanda’s blog is fact becoming a favourite of mine; with her clean layout, beautiful photography, interesting topics and honest thoughts, all appealing to me from the moment I saw it. LDN Rose focuses on all Amanda’s adventures, travels, photography tips, organisation posts, lifestyle issues and even the odd fashion post. There’s something for everyone and it’s truly SO beautiful!

The Hels Project:

I dont know the EXACT moment I started following Helen, but I can tell you I now firmly count her as one of my best friends and fave bloggers. She is a true ray of sunshine in the community, and always makes everyone feel so loved! On top of all that, she has a bangin’ blog too and I just know you’ll LOVE it. She shares her daily life, adventures, thoughts on specific issues, baby excitement (Dougie is the cutest!), travel, fitness, and the odd beauty post in there too!

The Lilac Linnet:

Llinos’s blog is a fantastic combination of lifestyle posts, TV, short stories, books, trips, adventures, and creativity! It’s a damn good read, and definitely one of those blogs you can get lost in for hours, y’know?! I also love that Llinos includes some History based blog posts; with topics that absolutely fascinate me! I thoroughly recommend you take a peep!

Hidden Little Gem:

Gemma’s blog is the perfect pit-stop for any beauty lovers! She features honest reviews of beauty products teamed with gorgeous photography. Gemma also writes about a variety of lifestyle issues, parenting, baking, and so much more! I really love that her blog’s layout means I have loads on offer and can have a really great browse!

What Kirsty Did Next:

Kirsty’s blog is a fantastic combination of food, travel, lifestyle and adventuring! The first thing I noticed about Kirsty’s blog is her AMAZING photography though. Her travel posts especially, they give me total wanderlust! She writes and reviews each new place honestly, and you’ll find so many gems in her archive for food and travel!


What blogs have you been reading this month?




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