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Le Mini Macaron Gel Nail Kit

23rd August 2017

Today’s post is one I’ve been so excited about for the past three weeks, as I just know it’s something a lot of you will LOVE as much as I do! I was very kindly sent out one of the gel manicure kits* from Le Mini Macaron, and I was instantly intrigued.

Le Mini Macaron gel kits are the most adorable nail must-haves, and I’ve totally fallen in love! Their kits include a little macaron shaped gel light, which has an easy usb charge wire to use with it. I opted for the mint coloured kit, which means everything from the gel light, the gel polish itself, and the cute little accessories that come with it; all mint! I love the packaging and how they present the brand. The kits come in a compact box which make them super easy to travel with, and they don’t waste excessive packaging. It all just seems really cute!

My favourite thing ever, is how the gel light is actually shaped like a macaron. I’ve never seen any other gel kits like this and it looks absolutely adorable! It has a magnetic top to the macaron, which can be turned around if you’re using this to do a pedicure too. The LED lamp is fast and powerful, which makes it really easy to use for beginners too. You simply paint your finger with a thin coat of the gel polish, pop your finger in the macaron, turn on the lamp and it automatically turns off after 30 seconds. It’s dry, fixed in place and ready to go. I usually do two very thin coats, rather than one normal coat of polish (though this way is fine!); just because I like to make sure the application is absolutely perfect.

It’s amazing if you aren’t used to gel kits, to see your nails looking instantly done, 100% professional, and not in danger of smudges while you wait for them to dry! My impatience usually means using normal nail polish leaves me with loads of smudges and imperfections; but gel polish is so quick, easy, and stays in place that it’s always perfect.

The gel polish itself is a 3 in 1 formula; combining a base coat, the colour of choice, and a top coat. It gives a truly brilliant shine and there’s no worry of it chipping away throughout the day. I was especially impressed that mine seemed to last over a week chip free, even though I was painting during that time; getting acrylic paint all over my hands and nails. It simply washed off, and my gel polish was still perfect.

Each kit also comes with a cuticle stick, nail file, remover pads, instructions and of course the wire for the macaron LED light. The gel kits from Le Mini Macaron cost $35 which works out around £27; a really good price considering all that it comes with too! The kits range in colours, including pink, blue, purple, red and many more. Le Mini Macaron also have a whole range of gel polishes to buy alone too, so you can try out every shade!

I am so, so impressed with this kit, and my nails now look much more professional, and last longer too!


*Item was sent for review, but I have not been paid to share my opinion. All views are my own.




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