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Living A More Colourful Life*

24th August 2017
*This post was kindly sponsored by Ice Watch. All views, opinions and words are my own.

I think it’s fairly obvious by now that I love having a rainbow sort of aesthetic in life. I change my hair colour every few months (or weeks..), my wardrobe represents all the colours of the rainbow, I love polka dots, glitter, sequins and accessories, my life is as colourful as I can make it. My blog here shows that quite well too, I think. From colourful photography to layout details, I always try to make this a bright and fun place to visit for you guys.

Someone recently mentioned how much they liked ‘how colourful I was’ and they wished they could inject a little more colour into their own life. Well I’m here to tell ya’ it’s easy peasy! Embracing colour doesn’t have to be as daunting as dying your hair like me (although I recommend everyone get experimental with their hair at least once!). It can be as simple as making a few little changes, and steering away from black every now and again.

5 Simple Ways To Inject Colour Into Your Life

  1. Start with your everyday tools/tech/must haves. Could you opt for a colourful phone/laptop case? Maybe splurge on colourful stationery, or cuter folders for work use etc?
  2. Think about your bedroom and wake up to a rainbow each day. Try colourful bedding, lamps or other accent homeware you could scatter around your room.
  3. Your beauty collection is probably dying for you to experiment a bit more! Opt for colours you might not usually, be daring with lipsticks, and maybe even try rainbow nails!
  4. Promise to wear something colourful to your style each day. It could be as daring as a colourful dress, rights, hat and shoes all at once; or you could try colourful accessories like a handbag or watch.

I was recently given the chance to try out one of the beautiful ICE SIXTY NINE watches from Ice Watch* and I was so happy to see how much choice they had! As someone who is always wanting to bring even more colour options into my everyday style, the collection seemed perfect to me!

The collection has a whole rainbow of shades, from Coral, pink, blue, purple, white and many more. They even have versions that are bright vivid colours, and others that are pastel shades! I found it so hard to choose a favourite, and as much as I desperately wanted a pink, I decided to go with something I have very little of – Coral. I’m always keen to branch out into new colours and I love having loads of options when putting outfits together, so this was a fantastic range for me to choose from!

The watch itself is a beautiful bright Summery Coral shade, almost luminous in colour! It stands out among any outfit and makes every outfit feel a little bit more fun. I’m a huge lover of watches and I always feel lost without one on my arm, so it’s fair to say I’m always browsing for more to add to my collection. The strap itself is strong and doesn’t rub against the skin like some other brands (do you know what I mean? I hope so!). The watch as a whole is not only pretty and fun, but the design is durable and tough, meaning this baby isn’t going to get damaged any time soon.

Thank you SO much to Ice Watch for kindly gifting me with this product, I’ve gotten so many compliments already! (And I’ve definitely got my eye on the pink one next!)




*Any items sent for review are written about 100% honestly and in my own words. Sometimes collaborative content and partnerships with brands will appear on this blog. Affiliates links are used throughout this blog.

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