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Sunday Slumber

20th August 2017

It feels like ages since I sat down and had a little ramble on my blog, so prepare for me unloading everything today! It’s lovely to check in with you guys and share how life has been lately, with all the ups and downs and everything in-between.


I’ve been painting away like no one’s business for the past week or two; creating sunsets, woodland scenes, colourful abstracts and galaxy inspired pieces. It feels bloody lovely to have some confidence in my work, and even better when people want to purchase something for themselves! You can usually find me painting over on Instagram (check my stories!). I’m only gutted now because I’ve ran out of canvases, and I’m too poor to buy more! So please consider popping over to my Etsy to treat yourself?! πŸ™‚

Gary has tomorrow off, meaning we’re in the middle of a 3 day weekend together, yay! Our time together is always so rare these days, since Gary’s been working extra shifts in work. So it’s lovely to have some downtime doing nothing. All the movies, wine and cuddles please.

Next weekend is Reading festival – YAY! I am so so excited to finally see Eminem again after a few years. I am definitely going to cry, for sure. He’s my favourite music artist of all time, and has been since I was 13, so it’s a big deal getting to see him. Especially since he doesn’t really tour here (hoping he will for the new album though!!). I’m going to the festival with my friend Clare who I haven’t seen since I moved from Liverpool, so I’m SOOO happy to catch up and have fun together!

Awesome mail! The lovely folk over at Indie Bay Snacks kindly sent me the cutest snack package, which was such a wonderful surprise! Indie Bay specialise in awesome pretzel snacks; using whole grains, alternative flours and plenty of protein and fibre to keep these yummy snacks healthy. And the best bit? They really are delicious! Seriously these little packs of awesomeness are so moreish and satisfying, and make such a great alternative to wolfing down a bar of chocolate.


I wish there weren’t a bad section in this post, but sadly there is, a bit. I’ve felt a bit lonely this past week, which sucks. I’m definitely someone who loves my own space, but it’s gotten to me recently.

Also my anxiety has been a bastard tbh, really flaring up. I feel quite proud I haven’t let it hold me back in anyway though. I’ve gotten on with things as normal, so that’s something.

And bills are really worrying me. I’m struggling badly at the moment tbh.


The Asda George section has the cutest Home action at the moment guys, especially if you love Autumnal things like me! There’s so much I want. So thought I’d mention it so you guys can go grab some cute stuff hehe!

I am planning to tweak some things on the blog this week (only small, but awesome things) and I want a full ‘blogging day’ to get back on track. I have a few awesome posts planned!

I can’t wait until October 1st!! As well as being my favourite month, it’s also the date I’ll be dying my hair green. I have a wedding the day before and I kind of want my purple/lilac hair for that. But the day after? EMERALD GREEN LIFE.


How’s your week? πŸ™‚





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