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15 Creative Blog Post Ideas

11th September 2017

There’s nothing I love more than a creative blog post; when a blog stands out from the crowd, and does something a little different. IMO the best bloggers out there are the ones who try their hardest to break away from the mould and make sure their content always has a little twist to it. It’s pretty hard though to come up with unique and interesting topics for blog posts all the time, isn’t it? So I’ve been brainstorming away and I think I have a few ideas you guys might find useful for your own blogs. Here are fifteen blog post ideas I reckon will help you create something completely unique!

15 Creative Blog Post Ideas

1. Share a short story, and invite people to give you further prompts!

2. Illustrate your week.

3. Create a photo collage of you and a loved one, and write about them.

4. Write poetry, and create illustrations to go along with them.

5. Interview a stranger, and draw them instead of sharing their photo.

6. Create a makeup look inspired by a movie or song.

7. Create a photo diary with no words, just plenty of images representing little moments from your week/month.

8. Create a collage from old magazines, and write a post on a subject it is inspired by (eg. how media is changing).

9. Write a letter to someone spilling all your deepest thoughts about them, but keep it anonymous.

10. Share photos from your childhood, and write a letter to your younger self.

11. Draw your favourite blogger, describe why you love them, and challenge people to guess who it is!

12. Do an outfit post based on a movie, or fictional character.

13. Craft something you’ve always wanted to make, and share the step by step guide with your readers.

14. Tell a story from your past; something you experienced, a time you felt scared, a time you were brave, or a moment of uncertainty.

15. Illustrate your blog; draw all the things that represent it and all the things that make it unique. Write up an explanation of everything and use it as an introduction to you, for new readers!



Let me know if you use any of these ideas, I’d love to read your posts! 🙂


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