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The Cutest Tech Haul From Happy Jackson*

1st September 2017

Surprises in the post are always a good thing (okay maybe not surprise bills…), but recently I got the BEST surprise in the post that couldn’t have come at a more perfect time! Happy Jackson are a brand I’m already familiar with, seeing as I love everything colourful, cute and with a little bit of personality. I have stationery from them and have admired their brand for a while now; so when a lovely happy bundle of goodies turned up from them, I was overjoyed!

The lovely package I was kindly sent includes a range of everyday tech tools that we all use, need, and love. As well as creating products that are essentials for our everyday lives now; Happy Jackson have given the products their own unique style, and the range just screams FUN and JOY.

Portable Power Bank With Mirror*

This is by far my FAVE item from the whole haul! I am constantly on my phone, and having to charge it all the time and keep myself close to a plug socket is SO annoying. Even if I’m sat working at my desk, I usually have wires going across me to charge my laptop, phone, photography lights, etc. So having a cool gadget whixh doesn’t need a socket, and can stay with me at all times is bloody amazing tbh. This little power bank from Happy Jackson is hella cute, has a mirror on one side so it’s the perfect handbag accessory, AND it charges my phone wherever I may be. It gave my phone two full charges, which is awesome! The best thing? This arrived just on time, since I’m heading to Reading festival this weekend! This means my phone will be nice and charged throughout, and I won’t have to worry. YAY.

USB Memory Stick*

After that whole mess with my laptop not so long ago, and losing all my important work in one go; you can bet that backing things up is SUPER important to me now. This adorable little memory stick is bright yellow and shaped like a post-it note, meaning I won’t lose it too! This is so handy for me, to save work as I go with each piece; rather than backing up my whole computer each time (I still do this, but it can take ages, so it’s not an everyday thing!). This particular memory stick holds up to 4gb, which is more than enough for the Photoshop projects I usually work on and my artwork. I’m so so happy with this!

Bluetooth Speaker*

‘HELL YES!’ was my exact reaction when I pulled this speaker out of the box. I’ve been meaning to buy myself a portable speaker for ages, and Happy Jackson have the cutest one around. Whenever I’m painting, I love being able to have a playlist on the go to keep me motivated (also working in silence for long periods is just weird to me haha). This way, I don’t need to have my laptop around, I can use it with my phone and and listen to a Spotify playlist, podcasts or the radio. This handy size is perfect for travelling with too!

Lightning Cable with Tidy*

As I have a Samsung phone, I personally couldn’t use the Lightning Cable in this bundle; however, I did pass it on to my fiance who has gotten great use out of it! The lightning cable from Happy Jackson provides a fast and powerful charge to ipods, iphones and ipads. It’s sturdy design also means this baby won’t break easily, and should stand the test of time well!

Earbud With Carry Case*

As soon as I seen the earphones in the handy carry case, I did an audible ‘WOOP!’ for joy. I’m constantly looking for more headphones & earphones, as I only ever seem to buy terrible, cheap and useless pairs. The Happy Jackson ones have those earbuds that I LOVE; y’know the ones that look like actual buds and fit into your ear nicely?! Yeah, those. They’re my favourite kind as I find them most comfortable even after hours of wear, and I feel like I get the most out of my music that way, when turned up high. The sound quality is amazing, and these come in a really nifty little carry case too, so your wires will never get lost and tangled at the bottom of your bag again!

Glitter Phone Case*

And finally, this GORGEOUS glittery phone case was the last thing in the pack. Sadly, I can’t use this product because I don’t use iphone – but it’s sooo cute I’m sad to not make the most of it! The design is pretty, and the case itself seems really sturdy and strong. Thankfully it won’t go to waste, as I have a friend who would love this 🙂 So I’ll be surprising her with it very soon.


I’m absolutely over the moon with my new tech accessories, and I’m making the most of my new speaker actually as I type this. I thoroughly recommend you all see what other accessories are available, and start your own little Happy Jackson haul!


*This post was kindly in collaboration with Venom Communications. All views and words are my own. I appreciate you supporting the brands that support me!


*Any items sent for review are written about 100% honestly and in my own words. Sometimes collaborative content and partnerships with brands will appear on this blog. Affiliates links are used throughout this blog.

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