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Monday Musings

25th September 2017

What the weekend consisted of:

Pain! Lots of it. Damn womanhood. Otherwise it was pretty good. It was a weekend of organising; getting out plenty of Etsy orders, creating exciting new products, and tidying the whole house with Gary. Sounds boring, feels brilliant. Keep an eye out for new greetings cards and weekly planners on my Etsy!


Still reading The Burning Wire, I’m about 60% through, and loving it! Although I did have a dream about being electrocuted. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence…


DIY projects! I mean I always love a good DIY, but lately I’m obsessed! I have an endless list of projects I want to complete, and I’m hoping to share some of them here on the blog. Most of them consist of organising things. Maybe Autumn just brings out the organisational side in me! I also got some amazing mail for the weekend from Revolution Bars; they sent me one of their amazing new handcrafted flavours! The Very Cherry* can be drank alone or in a cocktail of your making, and Gary and I had so much fun getting a little creative (and a little drunk..) – Thanks guys!


Not much right now! Wow, I know, right? I’m feeling pretty chipper. Let’s hope this feeling stays.

Can’t stop…:

Imitating the Michael Dapaah video’s going around. HILARIOUS. Gary’s doing it too. Anytime I mention money or my bank balance or something, he’s like ‘CHECK YO BALANCE. BARCLAYS BALANCE. NATWEST BALANCE’ – then we laugh for about an hour. We’re so, so lame.

Listening to:

More Guilty Feminist podcast; I’m almost completely caught up now! I have other faves I’ve been listening to too; like Made Online and Ted Radio Hour. All of these are inspiring loads of blog post ideas for me too – double yay!


I just finished The Confession Tapes and OH MY GOD. Watch it if you haven’t. They’re fascinating. Also Rick and Morty, of course. The new season is KILLING IT as expected.

Things that have made me smile:

Erin sent me the prettiest elephant bracelet!!! She’s such a babe, and I could honestly cry with how nice my ‘internet friends’ are. Also super excited that Holly will be coming to visit me for Halloween, omg yes! Even more of an excuse to decorate the place super festive, and make the most of my favourite season. Cue the greatest sleepover, ever. Also, Gary got his promotion!! Thank you to everyone who sent lovely messages, we’re truly over the moon.

This week’s plans:

I need to get OUT! Last week I wanted to go hiking so bad, but one thing after another kept stopping me, ughhh! It was really annoying, but I’m determined this week will be different. So expect to follow my journey on Instagram.

Looking forward to:

October 1st!! The end of this week means I can fully embrace my spooky self, and I am totally here for it.

Inspired by:

Eleanor and Lauren & Rachel have blogs that have been my biggest inspirations this week. What reads have you guys loved?


Here’s to another (hopefully) awesome week! 🙂




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