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Starting a Daily Journal

14th September 2017

Sometimes I can’t quite believe the amount of time I spend at my computer, and believe me, it truly is a lot. Sure I have good reason; my job is literally to spend my days on here creating in one way or another. There’s also the fact that I enjoy playing games, talking on Twitter, and and tweaking my blog often. So you can see how that mounts to a lot of screen time.

It’s not that I’m hatin’ on all this tech and modern life, obviously. But I often realise how relieved I am when I shut down my computer and have time ‘off’. I’ve found myself wanting to write still, to get all my thoughts and feelings out; but there’s only so much I can share of myself online.

So I’ve started a daily journal.

It’s not pretty, it’s brown (my least favourite colour), has paint splashes on the cover (oops), and inside is not at all Pinterest worthy. My handwriting is scrawly and scruffy, I often make mistakes and I’ve realised that every line I write is sort of wonky. And it’s bloody brilliant.

Writing for myself means there is absolutely no judgement, I don’t have to present my words in any particular way. I don’t even have to make sense, if I don’t want. I can just write a few short words to describe my day, or how I feel. I often doodle within the entries and scrawl little notes within the margins. It’s become an evening routine for me now. I like recording the date and time; so looking back over my first few weeks I can see a bit of a pattern. I like writing at about 8/9pm each evening, with a hot drink, and some ASMR in the background. I reflect on the day, and I share my innermost thoughts, plans, worries, and hopes. It can be random as hell sometimes too.

I wanted to have a place I simply record my life, to be able to look back on. Sure, this blog does that in many ways; but a personal daily journal means I can share all the mundane little details I wouldn’t put on here, and I can get precious time away from a screen. In turn, I’ve accidentally stumbled upon something that totally relaxes me and helps me quieten my brain for a little while.


And so I guess I wanted to share this new little part of my routine with you guys, because I think it could help so many others. Start a daily journal, find some peaceful time in your days to get your thoughts out, and see if it helps you unwind too.


Some things you could include in your journal:

Doodles of your surroundings

Notes about your day

A list of things that made you happy today

Things you’re looking forward to

An inspiring quote of the day

A list of reasons you’re awesome

Hopes for the coming week




Don’t get hung up on the aesthetics. Grab a journal and make it your holder of secrets each day. Open yourself up, make it a positive place for you to get lost in, and have fun with it!





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