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20th October 2017

I’m REALLY happy. Like, super cheesy grin happy. October has been a great month for me, and it’s set to get even better by the end of it. Next week I go back ‘home’ to Liverpool to stay with my family, see all my friends, and have one hell of a Halloween night out together. I’m sure a hangover is on the horizon. But other than that, everything is set to be amazing!

I’m just really happy with almost all aspects of my life right now. I love how we’re adding the finishing touches to our home; we just need to repaint one or two rooms as I decided on a whole new look for the bedroom and bathroom this week. I’ve decided to hold off on changing the office; as you can see my work space is cute enough and it’s functional, so it’s fine for now. If I’m being totally honest it’s mostly because I don’t want to redo the whole room, to possibly, maybe, be changing it into a babies room in the next year or two. There could be a long time before that happens, there are no immediate plans; but I don’t see the point in spending loads and wasting so much time redoing it, only to change it again sometime in the future. So for now, the office stays as it is. Imperfect, a bit cluttered, but it’s okay. I can work with it.

I AM totally excited for the bedroom and bathroom revival though. I’ve decided on a really happy sunshine yellow for the bathroom, and it doesn’t need much work at all. Just a paint job and some fluffy new towels and trinkets to match. The bedroom is going to become much more inviting and beautiful, for sure. I realised how boring, plain and bare it looks this week, and I suddenly felt the urge to completely change everything about it! Luckily I had some pennies stashed away; so I could order a whole new load of bedding (palm leaf prints!) and deep royal blue curtains. I plan on finding the perfect midnight blue lamp to match, and any cute palm leaf home accessories I can find. I’ll be changing the lilac walls grey as soon as I get a chance (I’m hoping before the end of the year), and I’ve already started to paint a huge canvas to be displayed above the bed. I want a beautiful abstract piece, bringing the colours of the room together; so plenty of midnight and royal blues, a touch of a leafy green, white and grey. I have this idea of how the whole thing is going to look in my head, and I’m already excited!

Last night I got the chance to go to a local event here in Plymouth, and hang with some other creators here! Some I’ve met before, some for the first time. It was so, so lovely! It was the most fun night, like a full on party rather than the usual run of the mill events; with free drinks all night, a live band, and food being served around regularly. It was amazing! I had so much fun, and it made me feel a little more involved in the community here and I’m so grateful for that!

Etsy is going well this month; by well, I mean I’ve had a few extra sales than usual so that’s great! Every little helps makes a huge difference. I JUST sold the very last of my mugs, yay! I have kept one for myself as I really did love them, and Im so glad others seemed to like them. I’m hoping to be able to do more designs for mugs in the next month, or maybe some other product? I’d like to look into pins maybe? Or tote bags?! I’d absolutely LOVE to create tote bags, but I’d need to save a lot of money up to get those made, so let me know if you would to see them; and what sort of designs you’d like! 🙂

I’m so glad I’ve been reading regularly again for the past few months. I had a long period, maybe a year, where I hardly read due to always being so busy with blogging, Artwork and Etsy stuff. I really hated it, as I’m such a true bookworm at heart, and used to read a book a week! So I’ve made a conscious effort to read more lately, and it feels so good. I’m on Goodreads by the way, if you fancy it. I’m currently reading the latest Jo Nesbo book in his Harry Hole series (which I’ve loved for years) called ‘Thirst’. AND Gary and I are also both reading the latest Dan Brown book in his Robert Langdon series (again, loved for years). Yes, this is totally geeky and lame but Gary and I are reading it together. Like, actually taking turns reading chapters to each other. I know, cheesy as hell. But we have a tradition of doing it with Dan Brown books as we both enjoy them (and it’s not often we have the same taste in books!) and it’s actually a really fun and nice way to spend an evening together. Don’t judge us too hard!

And finally, just a small little piece of happiness I wanted to note; I’m less angry, upset and self conscious of my body lately. My bod and I admittedly have an up and down relationship, mostly down. But lately? I’ve felt like I’m a little happier with myself, and that’s so bloody nice. It’s such a great feeling to feel a little more comfortable in your own skin. I know this isn’t permanent for me unfortunately, bad days will come again. But right now, I feel nice 🙂


Anyway, I hope you guys have been having a wonderful week/month! I’m happy to get a chance to check in and ramble about all the good stuff! More again soon.




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