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Making Christmas Purrrfect For Your Pets

19th December 2017

In our house, our two cats are treated like part of the family if I’m honest. Luna and Pixi both have little Christmas stockings hanging up, we monitor and vary their diet as much as we would for ourselves, and every night they join us on the bed to go to sleep – and we can’t quite say no to their little faces!

So it’s fair to say we love these little tykes and want to the best we can to keep them healthy and happy. I know a lot of others feel this way to about their cats and dogs (and other furry friends!), but sometimes, especially at Christmas, people can forget they’re very different to us.

The lovely guys over at More Than Pet Insurance sent us a lovely hamper* of goodies for our kitties, and reminded us of the dangers surrounding cats and dogs at Christmas. There are lots of food our kitties may want to try, but we shouldn’t let them as their little stomachs won’t be able to handle it like ours would. Meats we may enjoy for Christmas dinner would probably not go down well for our furry friends, but if you do want to give them a tiny treat for Christmas day, it’s worth going with this advice:

“Small amounts of lean meats like skinless turkey breast can be added to their meal in moderation to add a bit of variety to their festive menu,” he said. “Just be careful not to include additions like goose fat, gravy or stuffing. And remember to remove some of their ‘normal’ food to balance things out.”

And remember your cat may have allergies too – Luna is allergic to Pork, so we’re always super careful with what we buy her. It’s always best to be cautious!

As well as food, it’s worth remembering that Christmas decorations can also be dangerous to animals. Small ornaments could hurt them if they try eat them, tinsel could get wrapped around their throats, and so many other things we probably don’t think about. I know it’s all a bit dark and scary to imagine – but it’s worth remembering! Be a little extra cautious at Christmas, keep an eye on pets, and keep anything that could harm them well out of the way.

Luckily the only thing Luna and Pixi have to worry about, is how many treats they will be allowed this Christmas! We were spoiled to so many different treats for them, including a little kitty advent calendar and chew sticks! There was also a HUGE range of toy balls, dangly teasers, a new bed, scratching posts and even a laser pen! Both cats went CRAZY for this, it was hilarious!


Thank you so much to MORE THAN for treating our kitties, and always reminding us how to best take care of them.




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