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5 Things I’m Loving

17th January 2018

Well hello gang! I hope you’re all having a wonderful week so far. I’m having a pretty damn good one to be honest, and I hope it continues! The daylight is staying around slightly longer, my motivation is sky high, and I have plenty of lovely things to look forward to next week (like meeting Steph!!). After my last ‘5 Things I’m Loving’ post, I felt happy, satisfied and a little more positive. It’s really awesome to do a little, quick check in with you guys about the highlights of my week, so I’ll definitely be doing this regularly.


So this week, here are the five things I’m obsessed with


1. My Skinnydip Rainbow bag.

I’ve been flaunting this bad boy everywhere, so you’ve probably seen it already. Gary got me it as a Christmas gift from Skinnydip London (but ended up giving it to me early!) and I’ve been smitten ever since. It’s fun, colourful, and ever so slightly tacky – just like me LOL. I can’t wait to team it with Summer dresses!

2. After Laughter album.

This Paramore album graced us last year, and I instantly LOVED it. But for the last month or two, I seemed to have forgotten about it and focused on other things (like Eminem’s Revival!). In January, I’ve gone back to the fun, edgy album and it’s been keeping me happy ever since. If you STILL haven’t listened to it, go do it now!

3. #ShinyHappyBloggers. 

Yep, I can’t get enough of our new hashtag on Instagram. If you read my recent post about ‘Loving Your Instagram Again‘ you’ll know that I created this new hashtag to spread some love over on Insta, and it’s been working! I have been promoting people daily who use it, and finding loads more lovely people to follow. It’s given me such a boost of inspiration, so I’d love if you guys used it too!

4. Having a go-to daily ‘uniform’.

This probably sounds a bit odd, since I work from home, but bear with me. You see, as great as it is that I have the option to work in my pyjamas everyday if I want to; it gets old REAL QUICK. It makes me feel unmotivated, lazy, and just isn’t very good for my work frame of mind. But I also don’t want to spend ages fussing over outfits when I’m probably not even going to leave the house! However, recently I seemed to have mastered this. I’ve been wearing leggings with Tshirts and a hoody or jumper every single day, without fail. The combinations may change, but the daily uniform is basically the same. This has helped me SO much. I’m now comfortable, but instantly feel refreshed and ready for the day, whatever I might be doing. Painting, writing, hauling orders to the Post Office; it works for everything. I thoroughly recommend any other work-from-home-gals try this.

5. Swimming

Yes!! I finally went swimming again after about 5 years of being too self conscious, and it was awesome. Gary and I went together when it was quiet, and it felt really good to do something I love again. I needn’t have worried either, as everyone else who was there kept to themselves, were all a range of shapes and sizes, and paid no attention to anything but their backstroke. Brill! We’ll be going back every week now at least once, and I feel so good that I faced a fear


What things have you been loving lately? 🙂





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