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January Bloggers To Check Out

30th January 2018

The end of January is upon us, finally! My gosh, it’s been a long ass month hasn’t it?! I bang on and on about how I love the colder months, and while this is true; I’m just aching for Spring now. I need some brighter days, and some warmer temperatures to inspire me a little bit I think! I know I’ll probably moan as soon as it gets hot (it’s inevitable) but basically I love CHANGE. It’s refreshing to mix it up a little bit, and it feels like the January blues have gone on and on forever.

However, there’s been some light in January; some little magical gems to be thankful for. I’ve had such a wonderful bunch of advertisers this month, and I’m so grateful! They are all SO different too, and it’s awesome to have such a great range of content to check out. So I thoroughly recommend you guys check them all out; but here’s the lowdown on each advertiser for you to peruse!


Helerina Blogs

Helen’s blog is a collection of lifestyle features, travel posts, beauty reviews, food write ups, and so much more! I especially love her travel photography and think you guys should check out her Scottish Highlands Travel Wishlist post!


Ali Caitrin

Ali’s blog has been a favourite of mine (as has she!) for a long time, because her content is always SO addictive! I feel like she could write about the phone book and still keep me hooked. I recommend you check out her recent post on Creative Podcasts That Changed Her Commute


Alice Red

I feel truly flattered to have Alice supporting me this month, as she’s SUCH an inspiration to me. She’s such a talent whether she’s exploring her photography, videos or writing. I love catching up with her blog as it has something for EVERYONE (you won’t be disappointed). Check out her post on the Must Have Lens That Will Make Your Photographs 10X Better!


Ramblings Of A Jaffa Cat

Jenny’s blog has advertised with me before, so many of you may recognise her blog! She writes about her life, places she visits, beauty and fashion. Her blog is an honest, sneak peek into her life and she takes you along her journey! Check out her recent trip to the glorious Peggy Porschens!

The Crimson Cardigan

Ashlynn’s blog is the PERFECT place for anyone wanting to organise their life, get hold of their finances, gain valuable insight and tips into small business and really grow as a person! Not only is Ashlynn such a wonderful person and friend, her blog posts are packed full of helpful tips and tricks we could ALL use. I recommend also giving her Etsy shop a visit too!


From Fiona

I bloody love this girl! From her photography, to addictive blog posts, honest reviews, and her genuine friendship! She is solid GOLD and I feel lucky to know this gem. She writes about a little of everything so definitely give her a visit, and be sure to check out her Instagram too!


Jamin Charlotte

Oh where to begin?! This gal is full of talent, and you need to be following her immediately (across the board; blog, Instagram, Twitter…). My absolute FAVE things about Jas are her Instagram which just fills me with envy and love browsing over, and her coaching biz. Last year Jasmin’s coaching biz SAVED my blog and business, and kept me going. She helped me improve sales and get my audience right up! You need this gal.


The Violet Blonde

Kristy’s blog is such a beautiful one, I should warn you before you go browse and get filled with jealousy. Her photography is always on point (which makes her Instagram one to follow too!) and she writes such an awesome range of posts. Check out her review of the Anastasia Beverley Hills Modern Renaissance eyeshadow palette.


A Penny For Them

Penny is the ultimate lifestyle blogger; the kind you can binge read and enjoy on a Sunday afternoon. She shares little snippets of her life and what she’s up to, as well as Food, Travel, and Beauty reviews among other things! Also be sure to visit her Instagram!


The Monday Project

Definitely one of my FAVE bloggers I’ve only recently really discovered. I don’t know how I missed Kirsty’s content before but I’m hella addicted now! I LOVE her photography which means I stalk her Instagram, and her blog always has exciting new content for me to dive into. Give a read of her ‘33 Things To Add To Your Basket In 2018‘ post! 



Kim’s blog is a combination of lifestyle features, travel blog posts, her favourite products she’s been buying, and so much more! Kim also has an amazing Pinterest full of different boards, so I thoroughly recommend giving that a follow too!


Who have you been loving this month? 🙂





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