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5 Mini Goals For February

1st February 2018

YAY! How happy are we that January is finally over and we’re now heading into the month of love?! February is here, and let’s hope that means we get lighter days, a couple more chances to get blog photos in the evening, and maybe even a Valentine!

I’m back again with my mini goals for the month, as so many of you have enjoyed my previous ones! I love planning out my week/month/year, and setting goals is a natural thing for me. I never put pressure on myself, and it always feels good to work towards something. So here are the five little goals I have for February.


1. Sell 25 Tshirts!

As some of you may have seen on Twitter/Instagram, I’ve started a campaign to get my very first EVER Tshirts printed, yay! The design is perfect for any shy ghosties out there (Check the design out if this doesn’t make sense) and it comes in different colours and sizes! I will do Tshirts again in the far off future; but these are limited edition, one of kind ones that are super special to me! Please do help me reach my target of 25 (or even 30?!) as it would genuinely be helping a small biz owner achieve her dream! In wanting to be 100% honest with you guys on every detail, they cost £13 and I only earn around £2 from each sale. I’ve tried to keep the price as LOW as possible, but as you can tell every little sale will really help me out – I won’t be earning as much as you probably think! So please, give them a little love! Go go go!

2. Focus on brand outreach

February is the month I try get a little more confident with my work. I’ve built this blog up for four years now, worked with amazing brands, and put in my heart and soul. So I should probably be a little more confident in it! I’m going to redo my media kit (I’m already happy with it, but it could do with jazzing up!), focus on pitching myself to brand regularly, and making sure I’m not accepting less than I deserve. Watch out world, Dorkface is comin’ for ya!

3. Keep up with Swimming

I’m so glad Gary and I finally started swimming again in January, and I really want to keep this up. I do have the most hectic schedule ever, and the pool is a bus ride away; however I hope we keep going regularly! I want to make it a priority as it’s been so good for my overall well being.

4. Read more

I’ve just finished Dan Brown’s ‘Origin’ and loved it! I really do need to take more time to read and get away from screens. So I’m hoping to finish two books in February, which might not sound like much; but it’ll be an improvement for me! I used to be such a bookworm, but the past year I’ve been focused on work and blogging more than anything. It would be great to make reading more of a priority in the evenings.


5. Get painting!

This would usually mean a canvas for me, but not this time! I have plans to paint our bedroom a light grey, and the bathroom a happy sunflower yellow. In fact I’ve had this planned for months and done absolutely nothing, so I need to get my arse in gear! I think I’ll start with the bathroom as it’s a much smaller and easier job, so I’ll make time for this one weekend. Wish me luck!


What are your little mini goals for February?? 🙂




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