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The Lost Art Of Letter Writing*

11th February 2018

These days, everything is done digitally. As technology advances; we can video call each other across the globe, send photographs and emails within seconds to anyone anywhere, and have an answer from someone instantly. There are so many benefits from this of course, but everything starts to feel a little impersonal. Every message from a friend is simply a notification at the top of our phone, and there’s no real joy or connection anymore. I work in a field that is 100% reliant on digital messaging and technology; but this blurs the line between what is personal, and what is work. It all basically moulds together into a wall of notifications, and that message from a friend I haven’t seen in ages just becomes another thing I have to reply to when I get a moment.

February is International Correspondence Writing Month, and it’s really got me thinking about the days I used to send snail mail regularly. As a child, I can remember the squeal I used to do when a letter would arrive through the door addressed with my name on it – ME! What could it be?! Who is it from?! – it was truly special. Throughout my teens I had penpals all over the world and I can’t even explain the joy I’d get every few weeks receiving a pretty envelope filled with words and pictures just for me. One of my old penpals in fact (from Japan), added me on Facebook about 8 years ago, when we stopped writing letters. We still have each other on there, and I’ve noticed she’s gotten married and started a family now. It’s sweet to see, but I haven’t actually spoken to her in years.

I’ve realised how much I miss writing letters, how truly special it feels to spend time writing a letter to someone, or receiving one. Handwritten letters are things to be treasured and kept forever, in a box we can look back over when we’re old. Every sentence, every photograph, every pretty slip of paper will feel nostalgic and wonderful in our hands. We’ll remember the exact moment this letter arrived through our doors, and what our lives were like at that moment. We don’t do that with emails.

I was kindly sent a beautiful Wooden Calligraphy Pen & Ink Set* from Executive Pens Direct, as well as their magnificent Crown Mill Correspondence Set* and the quality is truly stunning.

The calligraphy set includes 8 different coloured ink bottles, a wooden pen and two different nibs. The correspondence set includes 25 cards and 25 matching envelopes. I was so impressed by their prices, and upon browsing the rest of their website too; I can see myself investing in so many different products. The quality is so high, and the care and presentation of every single item is second to none. I immediately got excited at the thought of practising calligraphy for the first time, and writing special letters to friends and family.

So I’ve decided to set myself a little challenge; for the next few weeks, I’m going to write a letter to at least one person a week. It could be a blogger, an old friend, a family member or it could even be a stranger (there are so many writing projects out there, like Postcrossing!). Each week I’ll sit down and spend some quiet time creating something special and handwritten, as a vow to keep up this much more personal connection. When I mail each one out, it’ll feel like sending a little piece of my soul into the world.

I also hope you guys will join me in this promise too. We all love technology, social media, and the different ways we discover we can connect each day. But there really is nothing quite like sending a letter to someone.

So have a think; who would really smile upon getting a handwritten letter from you? 🙂 Go surprise them! Better yet, there’s an amazing 15% OFF DISCOUNT using the code ‘CAL15′ on all calligraphy sets! So it’s the perfect time to explore a new hobby or skill!


A huge thank you to Executive Pens Direct for sponsoring this blog post. As always, every word and view is 100% my own.




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