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10 Bloggers To Check Out

30th March 2018

I’m trying to sum up how March has been for me, and to be honest it’s kind of gone by in a blur. It’s definitely been a month of good news for me, with lots of awesome things in the pipeline (I cant wait to share it all!); but I’ve been so busy that it feels like this might be the first weekend I’ve slowed down. I’m actually hanging out with friends and spending the weekend simply painting, and doing whatever I fancy! It’s a great way to rejuvenate myself for the month ahead. The month where Ill be busy with trips to Liverpool, seeing family and friends, having people come to stay here, AND turning 30, eek! Let’s hope April is another good month for good news too.

I’ve had the immense luck of having some amazing bloggers advertise with me this month, and I wanted to chat a little about them today, for those of you looking for new reads!


SazBomb – Sarah is someone I’ve known since the very early days of me blogging! Ive met her at Liverpool events back home too, and she’s so lovely! She blogs about beauty, travel, lifestyle, and even her adorable guinea pigs! Give her a visit if you love cute blogs and down to earth babes.

The Alexandra Edit – Alexandra’s blog is a beautiful hub of fantastic content that ranges between beauty reviews, lifestyle posts, travel content, fashion and outfit posts, to blogging tips. Her blog is glossy and with a stylish feel, definitely one for anyone who loves pretty content!

Alicia a la mode – Alicia’s blog (and Instagram!) are the very definition of PRETTY. She has a beautiful blog layout, gorgeous photos, and there’s always something for everyone on her blog too. She writes about beauty products, fashion, lifestyle issues and so much more.

Retro and Thrift – Courtney’s blog is a wonderful combination of food and restaurant reviews, lifestyle posts, honest product reviews and so much more! She describes her blog as a creative lifestyle blog, and it couldn’t be more spot on! I love her photographs and how she always comes across really down to earth!

Amani Carson – Amani’s blog was definitely a new one for me to discover, and I’m so glad I did! I love how her blog is set out, and she has so many posts upon her homepage that I always instantly want to dive into! She writes reviews on products and places, shares a little of her life, offers tips and always has beautiful photography!

Little Budget – Sally has been one of my favourite people to follow for the longest time now! She’s such a lovely soul and is always so friendly; and this shows on her blog too! She features little snippets of her life and things she loves, and it’s lovely to check in and see how she’s doing. 

Happy Wise Owl – Emma’s blog is bound to make you hungry, as it’s filled with lovely food and restaurant reviews scattered about with AMAZING photos! She also writes about various lifestyle issues, book reviews, and so much more! You’re bound to find something you love on her blog.

Not Copper Armour – Emma’s blog is truly BEAUTIFUL. There is no other word that fits better. You’re immediately blown away by her stunning photography, and then you delve in to see she has some amazing blog posts to go with it! She shares tips for social media, photography, blogging, and shares what her life is like. 

Kay Ska – If you ever needed a blog to visit, simply to feel BETTER again; Kay’s would be it. She writes about mental health, wellbeing, confidence, loving yourself and body positivity. I admire her writing and the issues she tackles, SO MUCH and cannot recommend her enough! Do give her a follow!

The Undateable Girls Diary – Hailey’s blog is filled with travel adventures, photo diaries, relationship features, her own life, TV shows, and so much more! She writes honestly and seems really down to earth, meaning its easy to get lost in her archive of posts! Go and have a read! ๐Ÿ™‚


What blogs have you been reading this month?

Feel free to recommend someone you think I’ll love! 







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